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Default Saath phere october 29 writtern update

@ Havan

Saloni gets up from Havan and goes for her rehearsals. Nahar gets yet another rude shock with Saloni’s behaviour. He too gets up from Havan, but Brijesh stops him by saying that the Havan will not be stopped.

Aditi asks Brijesh why he is always forgiving Saloni…why he is not saying anything to her. She tells him that she cannot sit in the havan.. gets up n goes. Bhabbho tries to stop her…but couldn’t.


Aditi’s room:

Aditi goes inside her room… and starts crying. Brijesh comes inside and asks her why she is committing the same mistake as Saloni by leaving havan.

She asks him again about the same thing…that why he is not saying anything to Saloni …why he is putting up with her behaviour.

Brijesh tries to explain…

He says, “ I have committed that mistake of not trusting Saloni n not giving her support…I dint believe her… but at the end Saloni was always right… I should have had trust in her. That’s the reason.. I don’t want to commit the same mistake again!”

He succeeds in making her feel better.

Bhabbho comes there and asks Aditi n Brijesh to join the Havan.


Saloni goes to that purana haveli… She is very angry at the blackmailer… He starts calling her/him out.

“Come out…I have done whatever u ordered me to… I have hurt my family very badly…My family is facing so much pain just becoz of you! I have never wished bad to ny1 till now…but for the 1st time…I wish this…that I want you to suffer for what you have made me do. I want to see you suffer for what you are doing to my family…”

A lady in yellow sari with lots of jewellry slowly walks out of the house.whose face ofcourse was not shown…

She comes and asks Saloni why she is shouting at her…

She says, “ why are you screaming like that… have you forgotten that with one order I can destroy ur whole family within no time… ? don’t ever shout like that… you exactly know what I can is your next instruction letter…”

She throws that letter to Saloni and leaves. Saloni helplessly opens it up and reads.

At Brijesh’s place:

A lady comes to Brijesh’s house from saloni’s music group and informs them that Saloni is leaving for concert tour, and she tells them that she came for her luggage.

Bhabbho asks her why couldn’t Saloni come for her own luggage… She says that sal is very busy in meetings that’s y she dint have any time to come home and pack her luggage.. that’s the reason she sent her.

Bhabbho asks Nahar to pack few good saris and all other required things for Saloni.

She asks that lady if it is possible for Nahar to accompany her in the tour.

She calls up Saloni to ask her… Saloni tells her something and hangs up.

The lady informs Bhabbho that She doesn’t want anybody to accompany her.. as she can look after herself well… and she doesn’t need anybody’s help.

Nahar is hurt once again…

That lady leaves with Saloni’s luggage.


Kakisa gets a call from Kaveri.

She asks kaki sa that when will stop playing games with her eyes…

Kaki is so scared..

Kaveri orders kakisa to go outside and expose herself in front of the whole family…

Kaki sa pleads with Kavs that she cannot do that… coz the family will throw her out if they come to know about her truth.

But, Kaveri doesn’t listen to her… she says.. “ becoz of what you did… my husband threw me out of the house. Today we are staying under one roof but..thanks to you that we are not living like wife and husband… so, why should I bother about what happens to you… either you go out and expose urself.. or I will come there right away and do the honors.”

She informs Kaki sa that she is right in front of their house…and she is coming right inside…

Bhabbho welcomes Kaveri inside… Kaveri informs Bhabbho that she came there for Kakisa.. and tells her that she wants to take her to the eye doctor who operated Samar’s eyes. Bhabbho says its really nice of her to think so much about Kakisa.

Kaki sa slowly comes into the drawing hall…

Kaveri greets Kakisa .. Bhabbho informs Kakisa why Kaveri came there. And she asks Kakiasa to go to the doctor for her eyes.

Kakisa says, “ I have already gone to many doctors…but they said that I cant be cured… that’s y I don’t want to go to another doctor…n don’t want to get disappointed again if he says the same thing”

Dheer n Bhabbho insist that she should go to the doctor once again…

Kavs asks Bhabbho’s permission to take Kakisa with her… and takes her out.

Outside, Kakisa pleads Kaveri that not to take her to the doctor…

Kaveri says “ how can I ever forget what you done to me… I am not that type of person who forgets…I believe in giving right reply..”

Kakisa says she is sorry about what she did to her…

Kavs smiles and tells her that she is really very generous.. and tells Kakisa that she will give in to her request n wont take her to the doctor..

Kaki sa is so relieved… but her relief is short lived…

Coz Kaveri warns her.. “ I wont take you to the doctor as I promised…but I cant promise you that the doctor wont come to you for the check up. He might come anytime n any day… be prepared for him…”

Kaveri leaves…leaving Kaki sa in great discomfort and fear.


Nahar in the garden… sad n depressed…keeps remembering his good old days and bitter memories..

At Brijesh’s drawing hall:

Aditi is praising Vrinda’s cooking. She tells Bhabbho that vrinda made such a tasty breakfast…that she couldn’t help over eating it.

Dheer to joins her in praising Vrinda’s cooking.

Saloni returns home from her tour. As soon as she enters Tara gets up and goes inside.

Bhabbho greets Saloni with smile…

Saloni says “ looks like some ppl don’t like me to come back home”

Bhabbho says there is nothing like that… and enquires her about her show.

Saloni excitedly tells her that.. the show was a grand success.. She shows her a cup which was given to her by the chief minister.

Bhabbho expresses her happiness.

Saloni tells Bhabbho that she bought many gifts for the family…

She shows her very expensive clothes and jewellery.. and tells her that she bought those for her father, brother n their family…

Bhabbho gets uncomfortable… She slowly reminds Saloni that what about the ppl in that house…

Saloni smiles and tells Bhabbho that how can she forget to buy gifts for all…

Then she takes out a box( donno what it is.) and says its for Nahar…asks Vrinda to hand over that to him.

Bhabbho is shocked…

And she takes out a shirt( cheap looking) and gives it to Dheer…

Aditi gets angry… she asks Saloni how much she spent for the shirt…

Saloni says that she bought that shirt in a sale just for Rs 300/-

Aditi throws the shirt back and says.. “ I don’t even look at these kind of shirts.. expensive dresses, diamond jewellery and imported costly watches for your family… and such cheap gifts to this family?”

Saloni gets angry… she says “ what I do to my family and wat I buy for them is not your business. I can buy whatever I want for my ppl.. why are you getting so upset about it?”

Aditi angrily asks Saloni.. “ If ur father and brother are only your family…then what are we? Not your family?”

Saloni says, “ yes.. they are my only family… you ppl are Nahar’s rishtedaar…”

Bhabbho gets shocked…

All this while, Shibu is standing behind the curtain and watching everything… with a chaaku in his hand…


Aditi.. “ Suddenly u got so much money… which changed you completely… thoda sa success made your eyes go to your head..we are not like you… we were born rich…”
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