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Default saat Phere - 1st Oct written update

Brijesh’s house:

Saloni finds Vrinda coming out of her room in a hurry…and she is quite shaken with fear. Saloni holds her and finds Dheer sitting on their bed. She looks at him questioningly..

Dheer gets scared seeing Saloni there. He tells her that he thought it was Aditi who was massaging his feet.

Saloni could guess what must have happened.. n she could very well see that Dheer was lying about it. But she tells Dheer that she hopes whatever he is telling is the truth.

And she takes Vrinda away from there.

Saloni asks her what she had been doing in her room. Vrinda tells her that she is worried about Nahar’s health and that’s why she wanted to massage his feet with oil which is Shivji’s prashad.

Saloni asks her to be careful and see who the person is before she does anything similar in the future.

Sal asks Vrinda to give her the oil and tells her that not to worry anymore about it.. and she herself will massage Nahar’s feet with the same oil. Vrinda hesitates… she says that the oil may not cure Nahar if she doesn’t do it. But Saloni doesn’t listen to her. ( If I am in Saloni’s position, I would have definitely slapped Vrinda for massaging my hubby’s feet… that too without my knowledge)

Saloni says that she is going to market, and asks Vrinda to go along with her if she wants to.

Samar’s place:

Samar is talking to an event manager. He asks him to organize a party for some1 who is very special in his life. So, he asks his event manager to organize the party keeping this in mind.

Kaveri overhears this.. she thinks that Samar is organizing this surprise party for her.. She thinks of calling all her friends and wants to show everybody that how much Samar loves her.

Saloni n Vrinda:

Vrinda and Saloni are about to go for shopping but Sal finds that the driver is not there. Dheer comes there and offers to drive them for shopping.

Saloni refuses his offer.

Kunjan’s place:

Shubra is searching to find some clues regarding her Father-in-law. She finds Kunjan’s certificates file. She notices that only his mom is there in all the certificates and not his fathers.

Kunjan comes there suddenly… the file falls from hand… Kunjan asks her why she is trying to spy on his family matters.

Shubra asks him whats wrong in trying to find out about her FIL…

Kunjan asks Shubra to stop asking questions about his father as they consider him dead!

In the drawing hall:

Saloni, n Virnda return from shopping. Vrinda excitedly shows all the clothes which Saloni bought for her to Tara , n Aditi who is sitting there...

Dheer too is in the drawing hall…. He asks Vrinda why dint she buy tight fitting clothes as she has a good figure.

Tara, Sal, Aditi are shocked by what Dheer said.

Aditi gets up from there and goes to her room… Dheer follows.

Aditi asks Dheer how can he say such things to Vrinda… she tells him that she is not sure any more that he had really changed or not…. She warns Dheer that if he repeats his Jhumma wala mistake ever again, she will leave him for good… she tells him that this time she will not listen to anybody.

Dheer asks her why she is so suspicious… They start arguing..

Bhabhoo comes there ..

She informs them that Samar had invited all of them for a party that evening.. and they should all go.

Aditi says she has headache, and wouldn’t want to go… but Dheer promises Bhabbo that they both will surely be going for the party.

In the evening:

Everybody is ready for the party except Saloni… they all are waiting for her n Vrinda to come down. Tara n Aditi joke about Saloni taking so long to get ready..

Finally Vrinda n Saloni come down. Everybody looks at Vrinda admiringly… and compliment her.

Nahar too gives her compliments…and tells her that she is looking like Cleopatra.. Which obviously Vrinda doesn’t understand..

Everybody finds it funny and they all laugh

( I really feel this Vrinda’s angle is too much to bear)

All leave for party…

Samar’s place:

Samar’s house is full with lots of guests. Kavs is entertaining her friends… tells them that Samar loves her so much n tats y he organized such a big surprise party specially for her.

Nahar, Saloni and others arrive at the party scene.

Samar takes a mike and calls for everybody’s attention.

He tells everybody that he organized this party for one special person… who is very important n very special to him. He tells everybody that without whose support he couldn’t have been in the position where he is now.

Samar announces that the special person is none other than his sister Saloni.

Kavs gets a shock of her life…

Samar then gives them another big surprise… he announces that this party is specially organized to release Saloni’s album.

Saloni, Nahar and every other family members are pleasantly surprised…

Saloni becomes very emotional… She joins Samar..

She says, “ I am so lucky to have such a wonderful brother.. and I am thankful to God for giving me such wonderful parents and equally wonderful in-laws. I value all these people and relationships.. I do everything to protect them ..”

Samar hugs his sister… and tells her that her album becomes a big hit as soon as it hits the market…

Everybody praises Saloni’s singing skills…

Shubra informs Kunjan that she is going home to check on Piyush… and they can come back later after the party.. and she leaves..

Kaveri is watching all this n fuming… Dheer is amused to see Kavs reaction. He asks her why she is not congratulating Saloni…

Kavs forcibly goes to Saloni and congratulates her…


Kunjan and Padma return home… He finds the whole house is dark… He enters the house and calls out for Shubra…
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