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Default Shilpa may not leave for some time .... thats what they r saying!!!

there is an arilcle talking about shilpa leaving...

20_05_2008_536_003.jpg (image)

also there is also somthing else.....

Anonymous said...

WHAT IS GOING ON?? - on SBS today

(21 May) the presenter said that although Shilpa has announced that she is leaving DMG the show producers have confirmed that she is not leaving for a few months because she is still bound by contract!!!

Why would SBS first show Shilpa's interview on 20th May then state the producers comment on 21st May?? It doesn't seem right?? Is it a publicity stunt?? If it is, then it is in bad taste!! After a couple of months will they just say "differences resolved" and Shilpa is back in DMG?? But if that was the case then there wouldn't have been the newspaper articles to confirm this.

Also, strangely why has this news not leaked earlier if producers were openly holding auditions for replacement??

Or are the producers upset with Shilpa and enforcing the terms of their contract - so if she doesn't want to work on DMG - then they won't let her work on anything else until the contract expires - which would explain why she was so hesitant to say what her new project was...and just said she would be working on herself & her fitness for one month??

whatever the truth it is the viewers who loose out of such fallouts

i found this aricle on dilmilgayeblogspot and i thought it would tell u guys i dunno if it's true or not but appartly she is not leaving for a couple of months i dunno what to belive i mean i seriously am thinking PUBLICITY STUNT HERE!! as she cud turn around and say oh im not leaving now wen i get the sbs link that Anonymous is talking abouit i will post it .... pls do reply guys
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