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Default 2nd September 2008 KS written update

im trying my best on this written update of kasamh se as im not gd in hindi...hehehe..hope you all will understan...


the shows starts with baba approaching pronita who is talking on the phone to jigyasa ,and baba says to pronita that there are "bangles" sent by jigyasa for gangga.pronita says what a lovely bangles,she immediately thank jigyasa for the "bangles"that she sent and says yr love and blessings got her.

then gangga is at the room looking for something to wear as she don't know which one to wear.gangga called krishna and vidya to help her to choose coz she doesn't know which one to wear.krishna says im also confuse and you gangga you help yourself and vidya stop the conversation and says "come on krishna don't do this yaar,you see how confuse is she,we have to help her come on".

while searching for the dress vidya saw pronita hiding behind the wall and pronita directs vidya to take out the yellow dress and vidya immediately gave it to gangga. i never see this before and vidya and krisha says this is looking very pretty.then gangga started to like it.hehehe.

gangga says how about jewellery.they all was looking at all the jewellery that she has,and pronita called vidya to give out the bangles that jigyasa sent for gangga.vidya gave it to gangga and she says very pretty.hehehe.gangga says y the room door is open?she immediately close it.

gangga says i look gd naa?vidya and krishna says haaa...hehehe.pronita came across and says gangga today you look very pretty.vidya today we have to do the "KAJOL" thing wif her,gangga turn her face and krishna says"dee don't be a spoilt sport"put it on.pronita says be happy forever-what a lovely scene,love it

jai saw pronita was wiping off her tears of happiness and jai saw and smile.

mr.mital in da house,hehehe aditya welcomes them all and everyones too.mrs.mital says to aditya eating and drinking will go on,now lets start with the job that we came here to do so,and where is gangga?Prityush says a lot about gangga to us,hehehe.lets us c how is our son's likes how.Krishna says i will get gangga.

everyone was looking at gangga who is coming down to the main hall(so nice scene,smiling at each other).

mr.mital says to prityush ,whatever you say abt gangga was all wrong,and prityush was shock to hear that.(hahahahahaha)and jai,pronita,aditya and all was shock too(hahahahahahaha)

mr.mital says opposite off what u said prityush,gangga is double pretty(very pretty).hehehe.aditya is between says mr.mital for a second you scared us.hehehe

gangga says everything is okay naa,priytush reply,everything is fine,hehehe..nothing will happen if not we will run away,rano asked what r u both talking abt,pritush says nothing aunty just like that...hehehe,they all were smiling at each other.

mrs.mital says priytush after meeting gangga we had decide to make gannga as our daughter in law as we like her very much.


mr.mital said to jai for a gd occasions v should delay,and jai reply okay,if you all like it go ahead.

"there are some tunes playing on the scene,seems like a bangra tune"sorry donno wat tune is dat,but nice.hehehehe

pronita gave some bangles to mrs.mital and mrs.mital was doin the "TAALI"thing to gangga.

krishna says to gangga "dee take jiju outside to the garden."and then they both walk says i will get the right time and date from the pandit and will inform you abt it mr.walia.mrs.mital says we want the wedding to end asap and partnership to change into relationship.mrs.mital says again that we are grateful to have mr.jai walia and mrs.meera walia daughter for our priytush.jai is shocked and pronita mrs.mital leaves and jai says bye.

jai says they think me and meera are couples?aditya says let it be jai,they was at abroad and maybe they don't know abt this that you and meera are divorce.jai says ha aditya maybe but this misunderstanding should be settle soon.ranvir voice up and says let it be why are being emotional for that ,if not this wedding plan won't be working,v understan yr feeling but who knows if they know abt this that yr ex wife and wife is together in one house.who knows yr one wrong step will destroy gangga's happiness.jai says what wrong step?the truth is da truth ,we should tell them na abt this.that pronita is his wife not meera.aditya says wat ranvir said is right,let it be.jai said one day we hav eto tell them the truth naa.if they know abt this later part how can anyone grantee abt this later part,what will happen to gangga.if i tell them now is gd but if i tell them later abt this if he(mr.mital)asked why din you tell me abt this last time?why did you hide all this,and they for sure will get angry abt this.

jai says i have to clear all this misunderstanding ,have to tell them that meera is not my wife but pronita.jai walk off and got into the car and was thinking abt all what was mrs.mital saying .later jai got into mr.mital house and tell them and mr.mital said what,u married gain and after that also meera is in your says what r u saying mr.walia.jai says yes mr.mital ,i want you to hear the truth frm me not anyone else.thats y i came to tell you abt this.abt all this it does not effect the gal gannga that you all replies ,yes mr.walia but what would the world think abt this?how can i accept gangga as the daughter in law as her parents married twice,and both the wife in one says im sorry mr.walia i cant,the wedding will not continue as we all think on.

aditya says see what have i told you,i knew all this will happen.gangga heard abt it and all at the hall was looking at her and she walk off.the whole family rush to gangga.

a tune been played


jai and aditya says open the door gangga,listen to me.krishna and all says open the door gangga.gangga sees a knife on the table.


the door is open,and gangga was on her bed with blood pouring.pronita says i know what u r thinking mr.walia.we all have to tell the truth on every of our realtionship but sometimes we have to lie in any relationship to make it work.priytush is a very good guy for our gangga.i want this jodi to work have to hide the truth abt meera and you.jai says but pronita i hate meera.pronita says this is not yr likes yr dislikes mr.walia,this is abt our gangga.gangga loves priytush very much mr.walia and priytush has da same feeling too.let them get married and who knows priytush will accept the truth.they will accept it all mr.walia.but till then mr.walia you have to act that meera is still yr do meera do all this ,she hates gangga.i know mr.walia now everything is in meera's hand.

gangga says wat papa has gone to tell ,since this pronita in my life i have no peace(shanti),papa should at least asked me abt this.meera says control yrself gangga.gangga says i could i control myself.

jai and pronita came and gangga said to jai so u went to do wat u want to do just now.she said this to pronita are you happy now breaking off my realationship.papa u din even think of me for once naa.the only reason that mr.mital and mrs.mital din day that pronita is yr wife naa,that y u r angry.papa yr relationship wif pronita is more important than mine.this what you trying to say rite papa,you aske me to forget abt priytush.

pronita says nothing is like that din say anything abt it gangga.jai says haa i din tell them anything abt it.until yr marriage is over i will play as the husband of meera.

meera says gangga i will happily play the role as his wife until they wont know that we are divorce.don't get tension gangga everything will be fine,im here naa.gangga hug meera and the episode end.

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2008, 2nd, september, update, written

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