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Default 3rd September 2008 KS written update

still learning not gd in hindi...hehehehe


the shows starts by ganga saying thank you chotti ma(meera),i love you,you are the best.ganga says again i know you are the only one who can sacrifice a lot for me and i also know that in anyway you will try to solve this problem.thank you.ganga and jai went off.

meera says pronita you must be thinking why am i doing all this.why am i acting to be jai's are thinking about this na,chalo let me tell you why.meera says i want ganga to leave this house as soon as possible,i hate her.thats why im doing all this.oh yeah there another reason i will get to do the all the rasams along with jai and i want to know how you will feel about it.only this i have to can do whatever you want to do but in yr and jai's relationship meera is always just waiting for the moment says meera.

pronita says your happiness is nothing to do with me,for me this is the biggest happiness for me is because my daughter ganga is getting married with the person she loves,this is enough for whether you are happy or not happy nothing to do with me.pronita went off.

jigyasa says whats wrong with you bani ,are you gone mad.why do you agree about all the matter.pronita says jigyasa aunty i have no other choice,whatever im doing now is for my daughters happiness.

jigyasa says i know you will do anything for your daughter,you don't know about meera is it?she will take advantage on want to give happiness in ganga's life and meera wants to give you the sadness.

pronita says let it be,let meera to take advantage.i only know one thing by doin all this my daughter ganga will be very happy and for my kids happiness i will do anything for them.anything.i also know i came to walia house to take revenge on my both kids who had died.but i also have my another kid ,her happiness .i cant leave her just like ready to sacrifice everything for my kids.oh jigyasa aunty you are also a mother ,who will know better than you .when anu's relationship is with rohit ,you don like it and you were stubborn until you leave walia house but still your mamta makes you to attend her wedding and you gave blessings to them.

jigyasa says exactly you said it.yes i attend their wedding and gave them blessings and also did all the rasams but you someone else is doing the rasams.pronita says the situation is like that,i just want my ganga's wedding to be done in a happy way.i wont be able to do all the rasams at least im doin my duty as a mom for her.

jigyasa says bani im sorry i were a little hyper.i know you will do your duty well.take oh yrself bani and all the best bani(hehehe jigyasa is too sweet)

at walia house,pronita is looking at wall photos in walia house(krishna's,jai's and all the families photo).she was crying and took out all the photos from the wall.she turn back and meera was siting on the sofa and smiling.

meera says "cip cip"some noise that she made lolzzz.with full of love one by one you took out all the photos pronita.the photos disturbed me pronita..tumhari jeet khi nisani thi.but today by your own you took out all the already accept to loose but i like it.i have not time for all this but still for you i gave my go and sleep ,who knows you wont be sleeping tommorow.i will destroy everything pronita and you cant do anything about it and you wanna know why ,because of your lovely friend bani's kids that you want to see their happiness.u can stop doing all your action pronita as im gonna start to do everything and what im going to do now is until you cant even think about it.

oh so sad pronita is crying


pronita went into the room and kept all the photos in the drawer and started to cry and jai came in.

jai says pronita relationship doesn't happen from photos.does not mean u took and put everything in the drawer the relationship came to the end.relationship comes from our heart not the photos.why are you crying pronita.whatever meera is doing at you,she has no point in think pronita,meera's kids vicky and krishna are so close to you until she cant even think about that .and the relationship that you had build meera can never take it from you.people say blood relationship is the strongest but you are in everyones heart(dil ka rista)and it will be with you forever and if meera is doing all the rasams so what,what will happen .you are also involve in her wedding ceremony and you will be in all her rasams.don't cry...evrything will be fine,trust me (THE SUNA SUNA LAMHA LAMHA SONG BEEN PLAYED,WOW I JUST LOVE THIS SONG VERY MUCH IN KASAMH SE).its getting late go and sleep ,tommorow the pandit ji is coming so we have to get up early.good night.

the next day morning in WM

aditya says jai you din tell mital the truth was happy for ganga's wedding you do think a lot about her happiness.but the idea to tell the truth was great too jai.

pandit ji came...

pandit ji says the kundali matches perfectly and the wedding has to be carried in 6 days because then till 10 months no mahurat is there.

jai says but pandit ji how comw in 6 days,nothinfg is ready by now,how 6 days.aditya says arey jai not 6 hours just 6 days,main hoo naa(hehehe)

jai says how it will happen aditya and all the rasams have to be done now,and after few days the marriage .aditya says so what in 6 days there will be lots of happiness in this house .jai says but aditya how abt mital think about this, will they agree abt this .

pandit ji says walia sir don't worry i just came back from mital's house and they had agree about this.aditya says yeah pandit ji all this gonna happen,and jai says how aditya all this gonna work..

vicky says dad jus relax ,aditya uncle it will work it will work why are you so tension...he will handle everything.aditya says pandit ji the engagement will take place to night in walia house.everyone smiles accept jai lolzzzz,he felt annoyed

rashi,rano,dadi.and all was preparing everything.aditya ask rashi and rano is the guest list is ready...(hahahahahah)and dadi reply the guest list i will do,only my fav will attend(hahaha)

aditya says arey maa,if u prepare the guest list..dadi reply tho what will happen(lolzzz this dadi is really funny)aditya reply tho ma who will decide your suit that you will wear and all ...

dadi reply arey haaa my suit and everything.(hahahahhahaha)funny scene from dadi again

rano says papa don't worry we have already invite all and sent.aditya says where is the kids they also have their part to be done.

pronita saw vicky and krishna was sitting on the sofa wif their sad face.pronita approach them by saying what happen.why you both sitting like this.vicky says choti maa what is happening now is not good.

pronita says why are you both talking like this .you know that yr elder sister is getting married.ganga is getting married and she is da girl of this house and the wedding is only taking place in 6 days .in this 6 days your sister need you both very much,and you both talking like this come this 6 days you have to give all the happiness to her ,show her the happiness and make her happy until she will remember it until she will remember this in all her life.

pronita says now you both decide you wanna make her happy or not.and abt the rasams i know i wont be doing it but so what i will do through you both.we have to give her all the happiness until she will always remember about it.will you both do that for me.

vicky says okay choti ma,we will do whatever you said.pronita says this what i want from you both.aditya looked at heard the conversation between them and cried.

pronita shouts at jai, thats why its taking you so long and only your tie is left to tie. so pronita says i will do it, but meera comes and says wait pronita since i'll be acting as jai's wife .


meera says come on jai lets practice that we are the husband and wife since we be doing it downstairs ,just think if mitals know that we are not ,what will happen.why are you standing and looking pronita go from here.please don't disturb the way jai we both look good together.come fast i'll be waiting for you.meera left the room.

jai says to pronita you see meera doesn't know how to tie the tie lolzzz,she did it so horrible.faster the guest is waiting downstairs.

pronita says give me let me to do,jai says thats perfect.

meera at the corner says whatever im doing nothing gonna happen,downstairs i'll be his wife but in this room their both chemistry will remain the same.there's only one way that is to take out pronita from this room and i will be here.

jai says arey va aditya everything is looking fantastic ,not even in business but to organize a party too you are good.what to do this is my daughters party ,i have to do naa.

jai says where are they (mitals)rashi replies by saying mama ji don't worry i had called them and ask,they are on their way.

mitals family just arrived

jai says welcome welcome mr.mital what took you so long.

mr.mital says we got stcuk on the traffic and from the hotel.

meera says you are staying in hotel mital ji?

mital ji says we have no relative in mumbai so we have too.

meera says the mittals have to stay at walia house,otherwise the izzat of walias will be down.they had agree to stay in walia house and they decided to shift today itself in walia house.

jai talk sto meera,what are you doing meera,if they stay here don't what will happen.meera says don't worry jai just relax,nothing will happen ..everything will be fiine.main hoo naa.i will handle everything.they wont know they we are very happy and excited .jai say you are enjoying yourself doin all this right meera.

meera says so you don't like it jai ..its okay i will go and tell mitals that jai is not happy that you are staying here,just imagine jai what will happen.don't trouble yrself jai.and one more thing im doin all this coz i feel pity on you jai think about your daughters happiness,what will happen.chalo jai "happy couple".


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2008, 3rd, september, update, written

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