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Default Maayka Written Update- 23rd july 08

part 1

kamya's engagement is sent for this shukravaar i think that saturday

everyone is happy and emotional

tayaji tells kamya to show some shyness otherwise peole will think things

gauri says people willt hink shes in a hurry kamya agrees

kanya say to everyone if they dont do her wedding quickly she will run and do it herself

tayiji and moniji say no no we will do it quickly

kamya stops mahi wng behind the rest she tels mahi to choose her clothes and jwellery because she likes mahi's choice

kamya then says i have never been happier in my life like i have been these past days

she says she never dreamt of havign a handsome boy like angad in her life.

kamya says you have been with me in my bad times will you in my good times too

mahi nods her head

kamya asks for fogiveness about her behaviour

kamya says angad is her eveything she says she cnt explain because she know mahi will understand her as mahi and shabd are like that

kama hugs mahi and she is upset because she does not think angad is the rght guy at akk

soni asks durga permission to go to mandir and she agrees saying it is something that should not be asked before going

durga tells her not to go alone and to wait for jyoti to go with her

soni says i am going to the one near by so it is okay durga tells her to be careful and eat before she goes but soni refuses and says she wil come back and eat

soni leaves to go and cherry watches her

jeet is openeing his car to go out he sees soni and says i will drop you wherever you want to go

soni refuses sayin it is just here and she will be ok

jeet says it is quite hot and it is safer to go by car

part 2

cherry walks in to her room and sees soni getting in jeet car she is angry

kamya and mahi are dancing tayaji gets up and says bring some faster moves

they both tell tayiji to join in but sh erefuses sayign she need tayaji to sing for her.

tayiji joins in puts the music on she tells everyone to watch her

she does some moves and everybody join in and dance

angad hears the music and stops to see

he opensthe door and sees everyone dancing especially mahi as she was in the center

he just watches her up and down.

suddenly angad comes behind and puts hs hand on his shoulder

shabd looks serious and asks wha he was doing

he looks inside and sees the ladies dancing shabd says so you were looking at kamya

shabd tells him they shudl leave before getting in trouble

he goes to shut the door and stares at mahi dancing

tayaji come behind and asks what they are doing

tayaji then starts to watch tayiji dancing and says she is so good at dancing

all thre starst wacthing

tayiji spots the guys and starts looking at them

she goes towards the door and opens it all three fall straight on to the floor

everyone laughs

tayiji tells tayaji off

the guys say the ladies were not dancing properly

tayijisays then we should have competition

tayaji says you are not on our level and we wil not get anything form competing with you

tayiji says atleast win and the talk

part 3

tayiji and tayiji start the competition and start dancing

tayaji urns taiji around so much that she ends up on the floor which means she looses and tayaiji won

kamya is on next with angad and tayiji tells her to take revenge

they start dancing on other music kamy made angad trip and he fell staright on to the floor . te boys are angry and the girls are happy

kamya then pushes mahi in the centre and she refuses

they push each other for a bit then start dancing

they were close dancing and moniji separates them

everybody then start dancing together

angad is watches mahi who is in middle of the circle and joins her in the circle

he gets closer to her and starts dancing, he tells mahi she is looking beutiful

mahi feels unconfortable

he tells mahi to come to the chut to meet him

part 4

jeet and soni walk in to the mandir together, jeet drops her to the stairs

soni goes up and feels like fainting

jeet turns around and sees sonis state and is devatated

he quicky holds on to her before she falls, he tells her to sit and gives her soe water

she feels better and tells jeet to go but he refuses and they both go up together

they both do the pooja andwalk down the stairs when cherry sees them she gets angry


cherry taunts jeet for trying ways to get closer to soni

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23rd, july, maayka, update, written

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