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Default Kasam Se - 23rd July 08 picture

Part 1

The show starts with Krishna telling Meera about the drugs scandal. Krishna cries and says what can she do as Meera is the one who can help her. Meea says i have a plan, just follow what i say, she tells Krishna to continue wrking for the company as the company has proof against you. So instead show you are not effected by the drugs, but secretly get evidence of everything.

Krishna agrees and then hugs meera and leaves. Meera hits a bullseye on the dart board and says.. bullseye! Krishna will go jail for life. She says Pronita took her son, shes taking krishna.

In the morning next day Jai has lost his watch again, Pronita goes to help Jai says i know i forget where my watch is, i will never forget now. He says sorry for his behaviour yesterday, but hes missing Bani alot, he will make sure this wouldnt happen again. He leaves. Pronita says im sorry as i am Bani.

Meera enters and gives a gift to Pronita. Meera says shes givin her a gidt upon winning the last days, its a photo album with pictures of Krishna holding Drugs. Pronita is shocked. Meera tells Pronita what her job is and the idea she gave Krishna. She tells Pronita that Krishna should go in jail for a few years, if she took Vicky from her, she will grab Krishna.. Meera says you are not even Krishna's mother why do you worry so much.

Pronita says your right.. why am i worried, i should save Krishna so i can be closer to JW.. yehh thats the new plan, if im close to jai i can have another child with jai (oh Lord i hope she was joking!!) iPronita says i will go on a lonnnnnnnnnng honeymoon with Jai.. Meera goes to slap Pronita and Pronita stops her and says do you want to be beaten up again? I will break all your bones and send you to hospital. (ooo!)

Pronita tells Meera to use her brain not her hands, if she uses her hand she will beat her up!

Part 2

Baba gets a call and he takes it, he asks why the person is calling him, he says why do you want to meet? he says Dammit 'yeh Bani bhi na' he says we will meet another place.. otherswise Bain will know about it.

Krishna is looking for a breifcase and Pronita asks if shes looking for this, a breifcase. Krishna asks why is the case with her. Pronita says this is wrong, leave it all, Krishna tells her to shut up in a raised voice and asks why is she spying on her.. Pronita says i warned you about this before, if you take part in all this then you will end up in jail, tell the police.

Krishna points and says i will die but tnever have water from you! Choti ma will help me, Vicky is just a child, she says you are NOT related to me.. so mind your own business.

Vicky appears and says he heard it all.. he tells Pronita that they have to tell Jai. Pronita says no we cant, Ganga is out of Jail he will be hurt again knowing his other child is on the wrong path. Vicky says what can we do then? Meera will ruin Krishna. Pronita says she has to talk to her baba for help.

she goes to Babas room to find it empty so she starts to clean up. She drops a few books and you see a pic of Pronita and it says 12th nov 1992 Bani had plastic surgery.. she figures out that the baba knew she was Bani from before!

Part 3

Pronita says how can that be? the picture is before i was burnt.. the bab is hiding things from her.. Then in 2008 she reads everyting that happen in her life.. how she thought Jai was Bani's killer.. how she unraveled the truth of her true identity.

she says why has Baba hidden everything from me.. i must find out. Baba enters his room and hes shocked to see her reading the diary.

Pronita asks why the name Bani is in the diary. The bab says the diary he has recently started writing, he wrote everything down with dates and the name Bani as he gets confused with the two names.

Pronita says you scared me and leaves. Pronita on the stairs says why has baba started writing things now.. is he hiding somehting from me?

Baba is talking to somene and says i handled everything, she doesnt know I am with you.. our plan is saved, i will not let Bani know anything abuout our plan (the figures seems to be a burka wali) he burns the Pronita pic and says she will not know the truth

Precap: Baba is on the phone and he says lucky Bain never saw us that day, if Bani knew everything the plan would fail and also says he knew the burnt figure was Bani all those years back

credit: Henna
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