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Default Maayka - 1st July written update


Mahi picks up her scarf from the bed feeling uncomfortable in front of angad, she asks him what he is doing there. She says I cant understand who someone can be so beautiful and innocent at the same time. Mahi looks shocked. Angad then te,lls her after the dinner that he likes her a lot and says you know it right?. Mahi looks shocked as ever after listening to him. He then asks her now can I touch your hand? Mahi looks away disgusted. Angad helds on to her hand and she is shocked. Shabd tells mahi thagt sometimes angad forgets his limits that he does nto know how far to go with people but he is harmless, he does not do anything with a bad intention, mahi does not know what to say.

Part 1

Mahi is still disturbed about angads behaviour. Shabd says leave it and he starts looking at her, lets talk about ourselves. Mahi says sarcastically yes why not we will talk about ourselves, that what a big flirt you were. She looks angrily at him. She continues, how many girls you date, how many girls you knew, yes sure. She turns her head and shabd is like, OMG thatís called digging your own grave, why did I even tell you all that. He gets a pillow and puts it on his head complaining why he told mahi he was a flirt before he got married. He puts his pillow down and says look mahi after marriage I have had no girl friends only 1. Mahi gets the pillow and hits him with it and says so you had no girlfriends after marriage. Shabd says atleast listen to me. Mahi says I donít want to listen to you and puts the pillow in her lap. Shabd says listenÖ. He is cut off by mahi who says I told you I donít want to talk to you, he then says, at least listen who my girlfriend is. She puts her fingers in her ears and says I donít want to listen to it. Shabd gets closer to her and taker her fiungers out of her ears and says atleast listen to the name once. Mahi faces the otherway not interested. Mahi says I told you I donít want to listen why are you annoying me ? shabd says after marriage I have only one girlfriend , which is my wife. Mahi say you are lying. Shabd says no really and he gives her kiss on the head. Mahi smiles and mouths really? And he nods his head. They both smile and hug while there is musin in the background.

The sun is shining in the sky and we seen sareen house. Angad is on the phone to someone and then tells shabd he has spoken to the client, they are coming next week to India and they want to see shabd presentation first. Do you know if they like the presentation wyou will make a lot of money with this project, atleast 2 million dollars. Shabd is so happy that he says wow. Tayaji smiles and tayiji says millions, is that a lot of money. Tayaji says a whole room is covered with money. Angad and shabd ,laugh at that comment. Shabd says thatnks so much you have made my job even more easier, even if I get the project or not I wont forget you helped me. Angad says anything for friends buddy, anything for friends. Mahi and kamya walk in and kamya says everybody tell me quickly what you want to eat so I can quickly order it, angad chinease right? Angad says come on kamya you know I like a variety in my life, we had chinease yesterday, kamya is dumbstruck and mahi just looks down while angad keeps looking at her. Angad says I want something sweet and sour, or something chiili. He says that after looking at mahi and she looks up . hw looks at her in such a way she does not like, she looks away. Shabd just looks at him and kamya is smiling. Everybody is looing at him confused. He then says well if there is a dish that is sweet, sour and chilli then it will be great right mahi? She looks up quickly, he asks her what do you think? Mahi just looks at him. Angad say these different types of powders give us the flavour of life right? Mahi just looks down. Tayiji says yes, lemon pickles, tayiji and moniji burst out laughing with the rest of the family.

On the other hand cherry is walking around in a room, she then dials a number and talks to a person on the other side. Says hello its me speaking, yes yes its me speaking, look I cannot tolerate anymore, what happened? You saw everything with your own eyes that jeet was taking soni to the hospital, yes, yes I know that muumyji was with them and you , you promised to tell me everything that happens in that house. You did not find it important to tell me that jeet and soni are getting closer to each other, when you know what ever happened in my life was because of soni. You donít understand how I felt after seeing them together. Now I think I have to do something myself. She puts the phone down.

In khurana house jeet walks in with a suitcase in his house, looking tired. He switches the lights off and goes up to sleep. Soni is sleeping peacefully in her room. Soni wakes up to drink some water and realizes there is no water in the cup and then she gets up and grabs the jug, which has no water in it either. She then takes the jug and walks out of her room to get some . jeet is still switching the house lights off. He then walks up the stairs to go to sleep. Soni is about to walk down the stair and is about to trip she scream and jeet holds on to her hand as he was there. Lovely bua runs out to see what happened. Soni is sitting there holding her stomach . jeet lets go of her and leaves. Soni realizes some one was holding her hand and looks around. Lovely bua is watching all of this. She thinks veer is here but as not. Suddenly the lights are switched on and durga quickly goes up the stairs. Durga says soni are you ok? Soni says yes I am fine its just that I was thirsty, so I was going to the kitchen to get water. Durga says why did you have to get up and go to get water in the dark? You could of told me there are som many people in the house. Say if something happened. Mr. Khurana says come on go to your room. They take her to her room and mr. Khurana tells lovely to get some water for soni. She says yes.

Part 2

Jeet is loking at a keyring and then says I donít understand what the police are doing? You all know who killed my brother, so why arenít you arresting her. The police says we are also ashamed that veer killer is free, if you have lost your brother we have lost a very good office, the thing is that mrs charanjeet is very ahead of our thinking, she blocked all of our roads ahead. She has also not left any clues. Jeet sys thatís why I am saying this , I am very confident that a long as we find the person who owns this key ring , we will have cherryís helper as well because they both are the same person. The police says you donít worry mr. Jeet he police are trying very hard to look for the owner of this key chain. Welll one this is clear that the person helping cherry is no less clever than her thatís why we have not found the person yet, even if the person has been around us we have not noticed it, inspector we have to arrest her very quicly because my heart says that today she is not with us but she will come back one day for definite , if we donít arrest her this time then her attack will be far more worse than the first one. Jeet looks determined and the inspector nods.

While cherry turns around speaking to a lawyer she says thatís what I want as well to return to my in-laws as soon as possible, but why donít you understand it is not that easy, donít we have another way except for this one. The lawyer says madam if there was another way I would have told you from before, its not something to hide. But the job you want me to do can only be done when I have your marriage just somehow get me your marriage certificate and see what I do. You understand what I am saying? Cheery says I know what you mean, ok if the marriage certificate is that important then I will come and give it you under any circumstance.

We see soni preparing dinner for everybody. Jeet is watching her and then durga and mr. Khurana walk in. they see soni working and quickly go to her. Durga says soni how many times have I told you not to work it is not good for the state you are in. every time I see you, ur always working. Soni says it does not take much effort to cook food, and anyways I am fed up of resting. Mr. Khurana says looks like you have left nothing , u have made everything. Who will eat it all. Soni says how will you all not eat it, look I have made you dhai vare, you will eat it? mr. Khurana says good, these look like aloo parathe, there for mummyji right? Soni says yes there for mummyji, for lovely bua I have made sarsso ka taaj and gajar halwa for my veer. Everybody looks up shocked. Soni says veer used to like it very much, she then looks at veers picture ad looked away. Drga saw this and got up form her seat and went to her. She says son I know how you are feeling, if we could not believe our son has gone then how could you?, but the truth is that it has been 2 months since veer has gone. Just then lovely bua walks in. durga starts crying and says but did you know when I wake up I feel he has gone nowhere, that he is here somewhere near me. Am so mad arenít I know everything but still. Soni says mummyji no you donít think wrong, ddi you know our veer is with us. He is in this house, I cant feel him around me, did you know he came in my dream yesterday and said soni I will take full care of you and the child. Durga says what are you saying. Soni says I am telling the truth, you dont believe but that day I was so cold but I went to sleep, suddenly my cold disappeared somebody but a blanket on me, the when I was getting wet in the rain there was an umbrella there all of a sudden now tell me mom would anybody just but an umbrella there? It is veer who is taking care of me. Even yesterday night when I was coming down the stairs, if my feet slippied I donít know what would have happened to our child, I did not control myself it was veer that did it. I felt it was him. Veer is with us he has not left us. Durga hugs soni while lovely looks at jeet knowing he did everything for soni and jeet looks down she then remembers a flashback of the previous night,

Part 2

Angad walks in saying hi to everyone, he takes blessings from tayaji and tayiji and moni. He goes to shadd who jockingly told him to take blessings as well, but then he pulled him in a hug, he said hi sweetheart to kamya she just foolded her arms. Angad said she is just shy. Mahi is standing near the sofa and he goes to her and says hi. She just folds her hands in front of him and he sits at the edge of the sofa looking at mahi. He says to kamya one tea for me only made by you, she says I am only making it for you. Angad then notices mahiís duppata on the sofa he looks at everybody to makes sure nobody Is watching. Angad grabs mahiís scarf and holds it. he keeps on pulling it and mahi feels a pull at he neck. She looks down to see angad doing it. she is shocked and angad just looks at her.


Mahi is lying down on her chair and angad gives her a kiss, she thinks it is shabd and smiles. Jyoti is in the door of the house trying to ring someone and cherry has sneaked in to the house and is on the other side of her.

Credit: Zainab
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