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Default Maayka - 21st may written update


Soni is telling the people at the wedding that she did not mean to sit at the alter and that some people are looking for her to kill her. She runs from there and the goons follow her. We then see the doctor talking to the family telling them veer is in at a critical stage and that his chances of survival are very small; everyone is shocked after listening to the doctor. We then see soni running from the goons and she slips rolling on the ground towards the water screaming veer. Veer also screams out soniís name.

Part 1

We see the hospital everyone is sitting thinking about veer . when suddenly shabds sister comes and says to mahi how is veer , I heared about him and came here quickly. The weather is so bad outside .I came the long way because there was an accident on the way a truck fell in middle of the road . shabd tell me will veer survice. Shabd sas the doctors are trying their best , he needs more prayers than the doctors. She then goes towards durga her masi and cosoles her saying veer will be fine and not to worry.

We then see soni running towards cars and banging on windows hoping someone will help her. Nobody is helping her everyoneís doors are locked . her hair has come undone and the weather si realy bad. She has also hurt her leg really badly but still continues to run.

On the other hand veer is awake in hospital and is thinking about what cherry told the goons, she told them to kill soni because that is her punishment. Veer heard it and is scared something will happen to her.

Soni is running holding her leg and is unable to do anything except run. She is running to every car but no one seems to help and she is in so much pain and is crying so much. The goons are all checking every car to check if she is inside. She bangs on someoneís window and they pull the window down. She says please let me ocme inside and make a phone call, these goons are after me. The lady in the car says are you out of your mind , the weather is so bad and you want to use my phone, anyways my phones battery is low. She then falls to the ground.

Veer is breathing heavily thinking about soni and what might happen to her, he says no sonis life is in danger , I need to help her. He tries getting up but is finding it very hard.

Soni is running and banging on the windows, saying someone plz listen , please help me some goons are after me please let me make a phone call. She then sees someones phone on the cars dashboard and quickly takes it and dials the number, the man in the car is trying to get the phone.he says wot are you doing? She says please I need to make a phone call these guys are behind me. The guy is like please give my mobile. She rings khurana house but nobody is at home , it is quite. She then rings mahi, wh is playing her phone rings. She picks it up and says mahi its me soni . mahi is shocked and says soni. When she says that cherry hears her and starts to listen to the conversation. Mahi starts crying and says soni where are you I have been so worried for you. Soni says mahi some goons are after me they want to kill me. Mahi says they want to kill you? She is shocked. Mahi says who wants to kill you. Cherry is shocked when she hears this. Mahi says tell me who wants to kil u and tell me where you are ill come now. Soni says tell veer here is he. Mahi does not know wat to say . soni says please tell him I am so tired . mahi says hello, hello, soni on the other side sys hello, hello. They guys are getting closer to her and she cant hear mahi anymore. They find her and she gives the phone back and starts running again. The man says that girl ruined my phone. Mahi is listening to him.he says donít know how long we will be in traffic because the truck had an accident. Mahi remembers, so soni is where the truck had the accident. She runs to kamya and says look , tell me where was the accident you were talking about? Tell me quickly ,kamya says mahi please relax, the truck had the accident a Javaar junction, but whats the matter ? mahi is shocked and says javaar . mr. Khurana also stands up . shabd comes to her as well. Mahi tells shabd that they have to go to that place quickly because the goons are after soni. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says we need to save her life quickly come on. Shabd says nothing will happen come on. Veer has finally able to sit up in bed. Mr. Khurana says you lot g me and durga will stay here. Cherry says were are you all going? In an angry manner. Cherry says whose talks are u listening to? The ones that is not worth trusting. I am telling you all nothing has happened to soni , she is just doing it to gain sympathy from you all. You cannot trust the one that has a black face at that ruined the khurana family. Mahi says thatís it cherry !!! STOP , if you say another word about my sister then you will find nobody worst than me here. Shabd forget her lets go. Shabd sees the bed is empty and veer is not there. He turns around ad tells everyone that veer is not in his room, he tells them to call the doctor, everyone look inside the room and are shocked.

Part 2

We see veer coming out of the hospital holding on to the railings nearby. He gets soaked in the rain and is asking for a lift off someone, but nobody is stopping.

Shabd says that he has definitely gone to save soni . I am sure he has not got very far lets go quickly. They all leave form the hospital. Veer is trygin to get a lift but nobody stops, he then get srun over by a car and falls to the floor. He slowly gets up again and a white car stops for him, he gets in to the car and the person drives off. Just then shabd and mahi come out of the hospital and go to the car and sit inside. They all leave in their own cars towards the accident spot. Veer tells the guy to hurry up and durga is teling mr. Khurana where must he have gone. Mahi talks to shabd and says I am very worried about soni , I donít kknow what state she must be in .shabd says I promise you nothing will happen to soni donít worry. Mahi says if something happens to her I will never be able to show mum and dad my face. She is crying uncontrollably. Shabd says mahii,Ö calm down nothing will happen we are going there now. Jeet says I donít understand where can brother go in this state.?

Soni holds on to her stomach and walks up some steps looking bak to make sure the goons are not there and she falls. Her stomach is paining her so much and the goons come again. She gets up again but he leg is injured very badly.

Veer has reached the place where the accident was and is holding on to his chest and looking for soni.

They follow soni all the way to the ttop of the stairs.

Veer is still looking for her. He walks in to a car that is just standing and fals backwards. He gets up again and goes towards the stairs.

Part 3

Soni is running and now is at the top of the stairs she cannot run anymore but is pushing herself. She is running and quickly stops because she realises there is a dead end. There are mountains everywhere and if she falls she will die. She screams seeing that and quickly steps back. She turns around and sees the goons coming to her, they trap her in between them. She is shocked and does not know what to do. She is crying so much. The man says you made us run so much huh? She folds her hands in front of them and says please let me go. The guy says let u go? Run then. She says please. The guy slaps soni across the face she still folds her hands in front of him. He gets his gun out and loads it, soni is shocked and is telling him to stop and not do anything. He points the gun at her face and just then veer reaches there and watches this. He runs towards sonia nd jumps on her to protect her, they then roll down the hill together. They have an eye locking session, where soni is happy to see veer and so is veer. We then see a trial of blood and the episode ends.


Everyone see veer and soni down the hill and are crying very badly.
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