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Default Written update: 21st Nov

At the dinner table Mahi tries to get Kamya anxious by lighting the candles ever so slowly and near her. It works and Kamya causes a ruckus. Mahi tells her to speak the truth today and she will support Kamya. Sareen intervenes and has Kamya taken away.

-Sareen talks to everyone at the dinner table abt Kamya's condition. But Mahi differs and expresses how Kamya has something to say but she isn't being allowed to speak. Sareen asks Shabd to explain to Mahi but Mahi stops Shabd and tells him to not cover-up someone's deep issues w/the name of 'pagalpaan'. T/T are curious abt what Kamya was gonna reveal. Sareen and Mahi have another brief exchange and Mahi states she will reveal the entire truth then-worrying Sareen.

-Kamya is in her room and Sareen comes w/a lit match to scare her. As he is threatening her abt her revealing the truth abt Sareen having killed his wife-Mahi walks in from behind. Sareen tells her she has no chance proving him wrong-no one will believe her. He drags Mahi out.

-Mahi is thinking abt how no one wld believe her but if she told T/T they wld support her. She goes to their room and tells them she needs to talk abt something very important abt Kamya. Just then T tells her they already know and points behind Mahi. Mahi turns around to find Sareen. T/T sympathize for Sareen's past as Mahi listens on worried abt not having T/T to confide in. Sareen leaves but not bfr hinting at Mahi that he is a step ahead of her.

-Sareen is sitting alone thinking abt how he has to do something abt Mahi as she spells nothing but trouble. She is not abt to keep quiet. So bfr Kamya he has to rid of Mahi.

-Mahi goes to her room and lays down to sleep. Meanwhile Sareen is thinking abt Mahi speaking up against him. He comes to where Mahi and Shabd are sleeping and walks towards Mahi's side. He is holding a napkin so as to suffocate her. But as he inches in Shabd who was facing the other side turns around. Sareen slips away in the dark but as Shabd turns away again Sareen comes towards Mahi again. He holds the napkin to her face to make her unconscious.

-Sareen is driving away with an unconscious Mahi. He hits the brakes hard and she awakes. He turns around and tells her now she can do watever she wants-he will close her chapter right here.

Preview-Sareen has Mahi in a room in some house telling her for years no one will know where she is or what happened to her.
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21st, nov, update, written

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