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Default written update... maayka... 24 oct


In the morning,Soni is doing the aarti,everyone come there,Soni give the aarti to everyone..

Shabd&Mahi's Room:

Shabd wake up and saw Mahi standing on the miroir.Mahi says to Shabd that kismat doens't want that we get separated,do u remember when i was leaving the house and Veer jiju came.Shabd says i don't believe it and goes.

Breakfast Table:

Soni is serving the breakfast to everyone.Veer says to Lovely that because of ur parathe i am getting alright,Lovely says its because of Soni hands who has made it.Lovely says to Soni u know Karva Chauth is coming,ask to Durga about this,she know a lot.


Tayaji is singing a song for Tyaji.Suhani come,she is on the door.Tayaji says to Tyaji that he will also do the Karva Chauth.Tyaji says u let it be,T/T saw Suhani and call her in.Suhani says i was remembering both of you,so i come here to meet u both.Suhani says i am sorry what happend other day when the boy come to meet me and i run away but then i think that u are older and can think about my betterness.Suhani says will you both can forgive me,i am like ur daughter.Suhani says all the mistakes that i have done,u all plzz forget it.Tyaji says ok we have forgive u for all ur mistakes.Suhani was going to take blessings but Tayaji says daughters doens't touch the feet.Suhani says i will leave now.Suhani is thinking now its just the start lets see what happened next.

Soni's Room:

Soni is calling Gurpreet(i think its the servant in the house) and is also removing some clothes.Soni says to Gurpreet that i have some old clothes if u want u can take it home,Gurpreet says i will take when i will go home.Soni also saw the red duppatha that Jeet had brought for her.Soni goes.Jeet saw the red duppatha from the outside the door.


Soni come and give some clothes to Gurpreet,a men is burning some things and Soni saw that he is going to burn a red duppatha,Soni come and remove it and says who says u to burn it, u don't know what should be burned and what not,did i says to u to burn it.The men says Jeet told me to burn it.Soni saw Jeet is standing infront of her.Soni run away.


Soni come,Jeet is there also,Soni was going but Jeet take her hand.Soni says leave my hand.Jeet take the duppatha from Soni hands and says come with me.


Jeet come there with Soni,Jeet says i want to know the truth of what happend right now.Jeet says to Soni that u still love me a lot as u used to love.Episode ends on Soni face.
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