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Default BKACN - WRitttern Update prieviews

Preview for 28th May 2008

Madhavkaka asks Shubh to come to the teesri manzil as Swayam is going out of control. Shubh rushes there, gives Swayam an injection and leaves. Astha again asks Shubh the same thing and then they question Madhavkaka when Vanraj reaches there and tells Astha that he would answer every question of her’s. He tells her everything. There Shilpa reaches the mall where Anoushka had sent her to buy the dresses and she meets Vinay there selling agarbatties. Anoushka finds a perfect opportunity and mixes red mirchi powder in Swayam’s food. Shubh stops Astha from going up but Astha is reluctant. She reaches upstairs and sees something and we freeze on her reaction.

Preview for 29th May 2008

In defreee we show that it’s Payal and not Swayam. Astha offers her food, she has the food and ppreciates it despite the amoun of Mirchi in it. It is then Astha gets to know that Payal was a tawaif and Swayam bhaiya married a tawaif. Then everything falls under place for her. Astha is completely shocked and tells shubh that they need to go to Pritamgarh where Payal used t live to find out more about Payal and we freeze…
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