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Default Maayka - February 21st written Update

February 21st Update

Starts off with Suhani hanging up phone, Shabd comes and says what you just say Suhani. Suhani lied to Shabd saying it was her friend she doesnít want a child. Suhani say it was my friend Shirley you donít know her Shabd. Mahi comes from behind Shabd and listening to Suhani. Suhani said who I loved, I am giving birth to my love child and I Love you Shabd. Mahi comes and say sorry I disturbed both of you. Mahi give bedam milk to Suhani saying Tyaji send it for you itís good for your baby. Suhani drink it, and she makes face and Mahi smiling and she leaves and also Shabd.

Next Scene---

Soni putting food on table, Cherry comes and says I warned you not come in front of Jeetís friends. What are you trying to prove in front of Jeetís friends? Soni says that MUMMYJI, Cherry says ENOUGH. I donít believe it Soni that some girl and I told you many times not to come. Veer comes and look surprise and now what happen Soni that Cherry is shouting. Durga come saying let me tell you Cherry and Jeet made plan to spend time with their friends, and Soni came there Cherry didnít liked it. Durga say why you always do that Soni, youíre a big bahu I am tired of this everyday problems. Veer I am tired telling her and leave. Veer say to Soni I didnít expect this from you, you promise me and again you it. See because of your small mistake what happened and leave.

~ ~ Break ~ ~

Suhani looking at clothes and say did it became fat (I Love her dressóMust watch this part) She bring some weight and start exercise. Gauri comes and ask what are you doing Didi and call Mahi, Shabd and TT and Mahi say what are you doing thatís how you and your child will be hurt. Tyaji ask did something happened to you baby. Tyaji says let me call the doctor. Suhani says nothing happened and Tyaji keep running to call doctor but Suhani keep stopping her. Tyaji say if something happened to the baby Shabd wonít forgive you. Shabd says let me call the doctor and Suhani stop him saying nothing happened to the baby. Everybody leaves; Tyaji say how can you seat in the pooja in this dress, wear the one I bought for you. Suhani left alone thinking.

~ ~ Break~ ~

Suhani comes wearing the dress Tyaji gave her (itís purple) Pooja is on everybody praying. Suhani look at everybody just then Bobby phone call comes she goes and Mahi look at her so does TT. Bobby says I will meet you at farm house. Suhani says is there any problem Bobby. Bobby says till I am here there will be no problem. Suhani then says ok I will meet you tomorrow at my farmhouse. Mahi listens, Suhani come back and sit in the pooja. Pundit says letís start the HAWAN. Itís for husband and wife relationship and for there house to stay away from evil things and the house will stay safe. Shabd comes and sit and Pundit ask for wife Mahi stand and so does Suhani. Everybody look at her Pundit say to Suhani you stop and say I ask for Shabdís wife, with who he married. Tyaji say Mahi come. Mahi Smiles and sit next to Shabd. The pooja begins. Suhani say to herself, I will take away Shabd away from Mahi that he will forget her.

Precap: Soni is with Jeet and little girl (I think Simran, Veenaís daughter) Cherry telling oh. Soni says the baby wasnít fine so she and Jeet had to go to the doctor. Cherry says why canít you just stay away from my husband.

Credit: US_Grl
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