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Default Written Update: Maayka 16th Oct

Pretty good episode-Suhani ki band baaj gayi aaj toh. Before I start may

I add it is very irritating that the production team doesn't continue from

scenes from the previous day.

-The family is with Veer as Jeet brings Veer into his room and helps to get

comfortable as he lays down. Mr. K tells Soni she too must be tired and

to let Veer-Soni get rest. Durga interjects saying he is right but Veer

needs rest and Simran needs Soni. All are silent but annoyed at Durga.

Durga tells Soni that all these days Soni was not home Simran was really

missing her. She tells Soni to move into Simran's room with Lovelybua for

a few days (why???)-both Soni and Veer look on unhappy. Lovely tells

Durga to let Soni stay with Veer as he needs her-Soni agrees silently and

looks at Veer who looks back at her. Durga responds that she will take

care of Veer and Jeet is there to help her. Jeet tells Veer to let him know if

Veer needs anything. Durga tells Soni she isn't needed her now and can

go-Veer and Soni have an eyelocking session before Soni slowly leaves

the room. (Frankly I wanted to smack Veer in this scene!!!)

-Shabd and Suhani walk in home and Suhani asks Shabd why she is here

since this is his family time. He tells her to come-they must want to get

to know her-Suhani says she doesn't know why but ppl tend to like her as

soon as they meet her (yuck-on what planet?!?!?!). Suhani greets Tayiji in

English asking how she is doing who responds back in Hindi saying she

was fine until now. Shabd's dad also joins them at the table. Mahi

meanwhile comes in with Kamya telling her not to worry-Mahi is telling

Kamya she will eat with everyone today while Kamya is slightly scared-

hesitating. Kamya starts eating as Shabd's dad looks on annoyed and

asks why she is here at the table when she should be in her room-Kamya

looks back scared. Tayiji meanwhile starts on Suhani who is standing.

She tells Suhani it looks like she accidently forgot to put on the rest of her

clothes (she is wearing a short dress)-Suhani gets a bit conscious of her

self and her exposing legs. Mahi is amused and Shabd is annoyed. Tayiji

asks Suhani her age...Suhani says she is still very much young and one

should not ask a girl's age...Tauji days she must be around 30 y/o...Tayiji

says she looks more like 35-36 y/o with the aging skin and what not.

They then ask abt her husband and kids and Suhani get annoyed at them

implying that she must have kids. T/T decide Suhani should be married

off. Kamya is looking on amused-Shabd is annoyed. T/T keep at it and

Suhani gets more and more uncomfortable. Suhani tells Shabd she's

gotta leave for something important as Shabd watches her storm out.

T/T and Kamya are amused but Shabd yells back at Kamya-as he can't

yell at T/T. Kamya runs back to her room.

-Cute scene alert!!! Soni is helping Veer get settled and comfy with little

distance between the two (Durga is sitting on the other side of the bed in

a chair-sleeping!!!). Veer noticing the close proximity looks up at Soni

and just gazes at her as she helps him get comfortable. Soni catches

Veer gazing at her and looks at him. They have an eyelocking session

which Soni breaks asking him if he is in alot of pain. He nods his head

and she tells him she will get him water (oh I promise water is not the

solution to his pain). She gets up and turns around but stops and turns

back to find Veer holding her hand. Another eyelocking session follows

with Veer asking Soni to sit by him as Saajana Dil Mera plays in the

background. Soni sits down and Veer lets go of her hand and folds both

of his hands around her hand. He tells her he has to tell her something

and he can't wait any longer-he goes on to tell her he knows it is only

because of her that he is well and alive today-he owes everything to her.

Everything has returned to him only because of her companionship. He

thanks her for all that she has done. (Durga is in the background sleeping

all the while-Veer is whispering so as to not awake the devil). Soni tells

him it is nothing like that-she only did what she should have being his

wife and she always will in the future too. He tells her the saying bad

times bring people much closer is indeed true-he is thankful for his bad

times. Soni shly looks away and not knowing what to say tells him he is

in pain---to get rest. He asks her to just bring him a glass of water

before she leaves. She goes to get the water from the stand and Veer

notices Durga awake just then. Durga tells Soni she is here to care for

Veer (yeah right-I would pay a million bucks if Durga could've seen that

Veer-Soni moment). Soni tells her she was doing so because she didn't

want to awake Durga but Durga shoos Soni away as Veer looks on

irritated (or helpless?).

-Mahi comes to manao Kamya who is sad about the dining room scene.

Mahi tells Kamya if she can share her problem the pain will go away.

Kamya tells Mahi she will tell her and runs and sits on her bed with her

blankie. Kamya tells Mahi she is scared that and stops. Just then

someone's shadow looms by the door and Kamya gets very scared. Mahi

tries to tell Kamya no one is there. Kamya is yelling 'he will kill me' as

Mahi asks who. Kamya pushes Mahi out of her room and is standing

behind her room scared to death. Mahi walks out to see Shabd and his

dad talking.

Preview: Ghisa pitta Durga's dialogue to Soni about staying away from

Veer as Lovely/Mr. K notice from afar.
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