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Default Maayka - 1st October written update ( brief)

Jeet looks for Prem but finds nothing/no one.

-T/T are all prepped for the occassion when the Khurranas arrive and

welcome them. Shabd and his father are also present and warmly


them in.

-Jeet is still looking for Prem but can't find him and is sorta annoyed. He

has a headache and decided to make tea on his own. In the process he

has flashbacks of a moment with Soni where he is telling her he will help

her in the kitchen.

-Jaagrata going on at Shabd's will all praying to Maatadi. Prem has

showed up dressed in his gear (turban-beard) as part of the group who is

leading the jaagrata and Jai Matadi dhun.

-Jeet finds the sugar done and takes the sugar dibba with the

transmitter-finds it inside and is shocked. Prem's dude from the other

end asks if he has found success. Jeet responds back asking who it is.

The dude cuts off. Jeet wonders if it's abt the same chip and decides to

call Veer right away but he doesn't pick up and decides to go to meet

Veer right away.

***Prem doesn't look that different why doesn't anyone notice him???

Maybe so many ppl?

-More scenes of the jaagraata with Prem continuously eyeing the necklace

that Soni is wearing. At the end all are doing mata ki aarti. T/T asks

Shabd and Mahi to do aarti together...Shabd is forced to. T/T asks Veer

and Soni to do aarti and Soni hesitates a little. Durga comes and says

they will do it after as they are family and guests are eager to do aarti but

T/T say they kept it especially for the kids (Veer/Soni and Mahi/Shabd)

and aks Veer if he won't do it for their happiness. Veer smiles and says

they will-Veer/Soni do the aarti. T/T aks both guys to wrap chunri

around their wives and Shabd has his brief hesitation moment but does

so. Veer and Soni hesitate a little and then Veer looks towards maatadi's

murti and smiles and wraps the chunri around . Soni is remembering

when Jeet had done the same to her.

***I don't get Soni-she was less hesitant at the darga and that was a week

ago. Inconsistency in the character.

-Soni and Veer are walking away Durga pulls Soni aside and yells at

her for getting close to Veer even after warnings from Durga. Soni as

usual nods away and Durga asks Soni to go help with everything as there

is plenty to do and quit eyeing Veer.

-Veer turns around looking for Soni (this man keeps losing her anywhere

and everywhere) and Durga stalls him saying she is helping Mahi and he

must go have prasad. Soni is serving drinks and the women praise her

and say how lucky Durga is and what not. Prem meanwhile is still

looming and eyeing the necklace (auraton ki mandli mein Prem!!!).

-Lovely tells Soni to rest now and Soni says the sherbet is finished so she

will go get more. Prem follows her going alone (again???) meanwhile Veer

who looks like he is Soni-searching bumps into Shabd and tells him it all

went great.

-Those two goons from that kidnap episode walk in to Shabd's place and

talk to each other abt finishing the mission. Jeet is driving over. Soni is

walking alone in a hall w/the drinks tray and Prem comes from behind

but hides. Mahi yells for Soni from behind and tells her she will help her

w/the drinks etc. (Thank God otherwise it would've been a repeat of last

week). Prem thinks to himself he will do anything needed including

finishing off Soni if the situation demands.

***Blah episode-such a close repeat to that darga episode and Soni

confuses me to no end.

Preview: Prem keeping an eye on Soni in the kitchen from behind

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1st, maayka, october, update, written

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