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Default Written Update : Maayka - March 12

Maayka: Veer asks Raji to get her bags ready. Raji is worried he will find the truth once we get home. She thinks to herself if she should tell him the truth. Daddji and Moni come there. Raji questions Daddji about the person who just visited. Both Daddiji and Moni are worried. He says he was our far relative. Now get ready before you get late. Veer and Raji take their blessing and bid goodbye to sisters and Nani. Veer Raji leave.

Daddji tells Moni he is happy to see both of them together. Now they can understand each other better. Moni is worried about the guy who just visited. His name is Mangat. She asks what are we going to do about his money. Daddiji says don’t worry everything will be fine. As long as our kids are happy, I don’t care about being in debt.

Veer Raji in the car outside the house and Jyoti Durga inside the house:

Jyoti makes Durga some ice-cream. They both are happy about their plan with Raji. Durga says I did a good thing by sending Raji back as she is only happy in her Maayka.

Veer and Raji come home. Raji looks worried. Veer asks if everything is ok.

Jyoti tells Durga that Raji must be confused about what we did to her.

Veer keeps questioning Raji. She says she is fine.

Jyoti asks Durga what if someone finds out about our plan. Durga says not to worry. She has trained the servant about this matter. He knows what to say and do if anyone asks about this. And your father, he doesn’t have the guts to speak up.

Veer Raji are walking towards the house.

Durga is so happy about her plan. Bell rings. She goes to open the door. She is shocked to see Raji. She opens half of the door so only sees Raji. And angrily says You? Veer appears from behind. Durga pretends to be happy on seeing Veer and questions him about his visit. Veer Raji take blessing from Durga. She gives a dirty look to Raji. Veer asks Durga why Raji was at her Maayka? Durga says she is only happy at her Maayka so I send her there. She takes Veer inside with her. Raji follows.

She calls everyone to meet Veer. Jeet says you must be missing bhabhi. Veer is blushing. Durga doesn’t like it. Veena comes and hugs Raji. Veena pulls Veer’s leg. Veer says he is only here for two days. Veer’s father calls for the servant to serve everyone snacks. Durga informs the servant is on vacation. And that Raji should prepare snacks for everyone. Raji is shocked. Papa, Veena and Jeet don’t like this. Raji leaves.

Jyoti takes Durga aside and says now Raji knows our plan and she will complain about you to Veer. Durga is worried.

Maayka: Prince asks Soni for roti but she gives him rice. Confused. Mahi comes and Soni complains about Prince. Mahi says she will help Soni with chores. Soni says what do you want? Mahi pretends she doesn’t want anything. Mahi secretly tries telling Soni but Prince wants to listen. He says he will tell about this to Daddiji and runs away.

Mahi tries to stop him but cant. Soni says now tell me the problem. Mahi says I want to go see Jeet’s show. And I want you to come with me as Daddji won’t let me go alone. Soni agrees on helping Mahi get out.

Veers House: Raji is preparing orange juice. Durga goes in the kitchen and questions Raji why she is back. She says she makes the rules in the house and you have to follow them. So don’t try to do something without my permission. Don’t try to instigate Veer against me. As it is, it was your fault and I only made you realize this fact. Raji says veer will always be your son. Nothing is bigger than a mother. Durga leaves warning Raji against speaking anything about Durga to Veer.

Maayka: Moni is worried how they will arrange such a huge sum on money in such short time. Daddji says he wants more time to do some thing. Mangat wants the money asap. Daddiji says we are in big financial problem. Moni says Mangat will take away our house if we don’t return the money on time.

Nani Masi comes says why no one informed me about this problem. Daddji apologizes. Nani Masi offers help by selling her land in Dheradhun. Daddji says no for the offer. Nani Masi leaves upset.

Daddiji says he will borrow money from a moneylender to pay Mangat as this will buy him some time.

Mahi informs Jeet on the phone that she is coming to the show. While Jeet is giving her the address for the show, Daddji picks up the phone on other line and listens to the conversation. He is not happy about this. Mahi hangs up the phone saying she will call later. Daddji yells out for Mahi. Moni looks worried. Mahi looks worried. Episode ends on Daddiji’s angry face.
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