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Default ar love story part 4

part 4

@ sanjeevani the next day

everybody reported dr.keerti

keerti- hello interns do deen mein sanjeevani mein do naye intern aane wala hai naam pata nahi!! dr. shashank knoes it!!

and informed dem deir duties and rahul and muskaan had duties togeder and ammy and ridzz had togeder but anji and atul wer not togeder

at lunch break

anji wid exhausted- i m tired!!!

ammy- hey guys mujhe tum logose kuch kehna hai!!!!

everyone except ridz!- ha bolo!!

ammy was lookin at ridz- wat if i tell u guys dat i i i i i i i i i i i i i i....................... love ridhdima!! and its not a joke i mean i seriously love her!!!!! and she does toooo!! and we r on!! i mean we are having a secret relationship from a long long time and we had a lot problems between that!! but i cant take it animore!!! i mean mujhe tum sabko batana hi tha!1 while he was saying dis ridz was so shocked!!! and her mouth was open!!!

anajli she was so happy and shouted- great and lowered her voice atlast pyaar ka izhaar kar hi diya btw u knoe mujhe patatha that u guys were on!!!

armaan and ridz- huh!!

anjali-haa..... kal raat mein jab tum ghar aaye the tumhe pata hai how loud u were!!! i mean i could hear den i saw u two...... bas i m done!!!

armaan and ridzz were feeling kinda awkward but happy though

den ammy went on d counter and brought a rose!! and bent down to his knees and said!!!


riddhima- I'd love to!!....... I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

and den he just kissed her in front of everybody!!! and dey hugged each other!!!

everyone- ooooohhhh and den everything was settled ridz was sitting wid ammy and ammy was holding her hands!!! lik a bf does!!! an den d day passed and dey used to hold hands everywhere dey go dey were happy wid each other!! and two days passed and den d whole hospital started talking abt dem!! but except dr.shashank! cuz he was still mad at ammy wat he had done before! and ridz wud never tlak abt him in front of her dad anytime and shashank dint either but ridz dint lik dat!

dis day was when d new intern was cumin!!!

dey were sittin in d cafeteria!!

and ammy and ridzz were into der talkss and were laughing!!!! dey wer sitting very close.....

wen d boy and girl enetred ammy and ridzz dint notice dem cuz dey were lost in der talks!! and den anji told dem to look ridzz,and armaan were filled wid anger and and den ridzz wid anger to anjali- diiiii to dad showing her a gesture!!!! and left to go to der dad!!!! and ammy was confused dat why did ridzzz leave!!!

{naina{the girl}- she was a girl from delhi and she was d modern type girl in just clothes!!!! but down to earth!! she and ridzz were really best friends before ridzz went to a another school for one year wen she came back naina wudnt talk to her cuz naina heard wen ridzz was not there that ridzz talked behind her back and ridzz dint get why wud anybody do that and ridzz dint do anything!! after that they had a lot fights till now they hate each other!!!!

{vishal{the boy}- he was a boy from bangalore!!! and he was realli handsome!! and armaan and vishal were best friends!! but der was a gurl who vishal really liked but he dint tell armaan dat he liked her!!!! but the girl liked ammy and she proposed him and ammy and dat gurl wer gf and bf and vishal heard dat and he started insulting ammy and den amm y could not stand it too so he fought wid him too and den dey started having fights over der looks and dey became biggest enemies of each other!! so it was not vishal's fault nor ammy's!!

@dr.shashank's cabin

ridzz wid anger- dad wat is naina doing here plz dont tell us dat she is d new intern!!!!! plzzz

shashank- sorry gurls!!! but she is d new intern aur infact i dont think u guys will be still fightin right its been 7 years!!! huh common forget the past!! and be friends again!!!!!

riddhima- dad!! friends??? wid her?!?!?! noway i have a lot of better things to do!!!!and friends wid her nowways!!! dad!!!

anjali- but ridzz i think you shud talk to her!!

@ cafeteria!!

anji and ridzz walked in and den

ridzz pushed her from d back

ridzz- oopsss sorry did u get hurt huh and anji was smilling!! and ridzz was acting dat she did it by mistake!!! and den dey went to table den naina came near and introduced herself to everybody den ammy whispered to ridz!!

ammy- whoa!! she is hot!!!huh!

ridzz- ha to jaao na mene tumhe kaha rok ke rakha hai!!

ammy- hmmm not a bad idea par its ok!!! an den ridzz got so mad and she started hitting him wid her file!!

ammy- sorry sorry arre yaar i was just joking!!jealous huh??

riddz-huh,,jealous?!?aur main??huh foget it..!!aur woh bhi us naina chudhel se.!!pleeeeeeease!!

ammy- he he,.thik hain thik hain..waise shez hot huh!!


ammy-hehe..sorry sorry!!

ridzz- much better!!! and she was normal now!!

ammy-by da way riddhima..gusse mein tum zyada khubsurat dikhti ho..!!

riddhima was feeling very shy..nd she blushed..!

ammy-oye hoye..!!

d lunch break was over!!!!

and den sum days passed and naina seeing ammy and ridzz togeder made her jealous!!! but she was fine!!! cuz she starting getting attracted by vishal!!

______________________EPISODE ENDS___________________
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