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Default Muscle troule - Divyanka Tripathi - Article

Muscle trouble for Divyanka

Divyanka Tripathi collapsed on the sets of Banoo Main Teri Dulhaan two weeks back due to a severe muscle pull. The actress is yet to recover from it but is continuing with her shoot. Divyanka gave us details about her injury and her current routine.

On collapsing on sets, she says, “It happened due to the severe muscle pull. My upper back muscle has been badly affected up to my right hand and I cannot even do any massage as it pains very badly. Doctors have advised me proper rest for at least three days but I am not managing to do it that’s why it is reoccurring. They have told me that even if I go for physiotherapy treatment, it won’t work till I will take complete bed rest for three days.”

She adds, “The day I collapsed on the sets, I was immediately taken to the nearby doctor who gave me an injection - a kind of a pain killer and then discharged me. They told me not to move my neck and hand; that’s how my shooting got cancelled for a day. Also, the production house managed to give me a holiday because it happened on Thursday and we do not have a telecast for the next three days. But on Saturday I had to re-join the shoot as we had no bank for Monday’s episode.”

The actress admits that it is difficult for her to keep shooting this way. “I can’t even turn back because of pain. The production house is giving me a few concessions. They have offered me holidays on alternate days which I do not want because doctors have advised me 3 days of complete bed rest. I have requested them to finish with my shots as early as possible and allow me to leave by 6 or 8 in the evening.”

Divyanka feels that it is just not possible for daily show actors to take many holidays. “On the 3rd day after the injury I did a stunt with Bindiya and then with Samrat. The scene with Samrat was very difficult as he was in valley and I had to rescue him with the help of a bamboo. My team did offer me a dummy but the shot quality was not that good so I did it personally.”

The actress’ parents are also worried about her. “I live alone here and they always panic about every small thing. I have a younger brother and I want my mother to be with him as my father runs a medical store and he have to be there everyday.”

Divyanka has some knowledge of medicines and even carries a medical kit on the sets. We wish her a speedy recovery.
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