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Default Saat Phere - 17th March 08 written update

17th March, Monday - Update

Sal n Nahar:

Nahar hugs Sal... Jijji walks in to the room exactly at that time.

Looking at her n her expression... both Nahar n Saloni get worried, thinking whether she could hear whatever they talking.

But, to their relief… Jijji doesn’t. She comes there and gives Kangan to Saloni and tells her that its a gift from her for "mooh dikhayi"

Saloni opens up the box and acts as if she is very excited.

Nahar asks Jijji why she is acting as if she really likes Saloni.. he says how must she hates Saloni.

Jijji laughs... and tells him that she is doing this for Kakasa's sake... becoz he thinks that she is seeing Saloni for the 1st time.

Nahar shrugs his shoulders and leave...

Saloni then takes out a bag of paan from her sari and starts eating it.

Jijji asks her to stop eating that coz Saloni never ate such things.... But Chimri/ Sal says that she cant do without it.

Jijji gives up... and asks her to be careful when eating it... so tat no1 can see her... she leaves Saloni and goes to her room.

Sal coughs while eating the paan as she is not used to it.

Nahar comes and asks her why she had to trouble herself so much.. for which Sal replies that she can take anything for the family.

Nahar hugs her...


Bhabbho offers water to Sun God... She slips while entering the house... and the puja ka kalash, with which she offered water to The Sun God, falls from her hand... which rolls and hits Jijji's feet, who has just come there.

Jijji insults Bhabbho out rightly ...and reminds bhabbho that she is just a servant in the house and asks her to be in her limits. She says that Bhobbho does all pujas just for a show off.

Bhabbho gets very angry... and asks Jijji not to insult her puja... and asks her to pick up the kalash n give it to her.

Jijji picks it up and throws to Bhabho... its about to hit Bhabho... Saloni comes and catches it in a split second.

She gives the kalash to Bhbho, and turns towards Jijji and says that... as long as she is there in the house she will not let anybody harm her family in anyway. She warns Jijji...

Jijji is shocked to see Chimni talking like this to her.

Bhabho blesses Sal and leaves the room... Jijji comes to Sal and about to ask her the explaination for her behaviour... but couldn’t...coz Tara walks in just then.

Saloni is going to her room... and Jijji stops her and asks her how dare she is to talk to her like that.

Saloni says that its all the part of the acting...and why she is not understanding. She says that she spoke tat way... so that no1 ever suspects her. And she futher says...if the singh parivar finds that she is not real Saloni, then she might end up in a jail...

Jijji gets convinced and asks Sal to be careful in future. She thinks that its better to send Chimni away as soon as possible before something goes wrong. She decides to put her plan into action.

Kakasa's room:

Kakasa asks Jijji to get his reading glasses...

Jijji asks Kakasa when will he do the needful to keep his promise ... She asks him when he is going to transfer all his property to Nahar's son... she says he shouldn’t delay it any further as Saloni is already pregnant.

Kakasa agrees... he assures her that he will talk to his lawyer the next day.

Tara is listening to all this from outside...

Jijji talks to herself... she says that as soon as the property gets transferred to Chimni's kid... she can kick her out of the house.

Tara goes to Bhabho n Saloni and informs them about Jijji's plan... Tara says she is worried about it...coz they wont have enough time to find their kid.

Sal asks her not to worry as long as she is there... she promises her that she will find about the kids as soon as possible.

Jijji is in her room...

Sal/Chimni comes to the room running... She thanks Jijji for bringing her to such a lavish house... Sal tells Jijji that she now can deliver her kid in a big hospital like all rich people.

Jijji impatiently answers her stupid questions...

Sal suddenly asks Jijji about her son... she tells her that she just heard about her kind... and asks her where he is.

Jijji tells her that he son is in a hostel...

Sal says, she cannot understand how a mother can leave a kid somewhere and live... She tells Jijji that she can never leave her kids even for day.

Jijji gets angry... and warns Saloni not to interfere in her personal matters...

In the kitchen:

Saloni is in the kitchen... Tara comes there and asks her what is she making... Sal says she is making paneer parathas... she puts lots of salt in the atta and winks at Tara... Tara understands her plan and smiles at her.

Jijji comes into the kitchen gets worried to see Sal there... After Tara leaves Jijji asks Chimni wats she is doing in the kitchen...Sal informs her that she is making paneer parathas... Jijji gets worried and tells Chimni that Sal was a great cook... and warns her about getting caught if she doesnt match the skill.

Sal asks Jijji not to worry becoz she too is a great cook...

Sal adds lots of salt and chilli powder to the atta...

At the dining table:

Saloni brings paneer parathas and serves everybody. Brijesh takes a bite and immediately spits out... he says that there is something wrong with Saloni's cooking...and its not like before.

Jijji is nervous... she asks Sal to serve her the paratha... and keeps tries to eats it. She hides her expression and pretends as if the parathas are really nice.

Saloni pretends to be happy coz Jijji liked her cooking... she forcefully serves another paratha to Jijji. Jijji is in real trouble...trying to eat it...

Tara n Jijji look at each other and smile..looking at Jijji's discomfort.

Jijji excuses herself and rushes to her room...

Kakasa doesn’t understand why his wife left the dining room like that...

Sal asks him not to worry... and tells him that she will chk on her..

After Kakasa leaves the dining room Nahar n Brijesh ask Tara whats the matter.. Tara giggles and asks Nahar to taste the parathas.

He takes a bite and realizes about what Sal n Tara up to.

Jijji goes to her bathroom and starts puking... Sal watches her from behind...and looks at her with satisfaction. She thinks that this is just the beginning...

credit: pams309
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17th, march, phere, saat, update, written

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