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Default Saat Phere 24th JULY Written Update

Episode starts with doctor's news saloi has to deliver. Every one is shocked. brijesh asks Nahar to sign the paper as saloni's life is in danger. Nahar is totally shattered. Nurse comes and ask Nahar to sign papers. Doctor comes to bring a list of injection and medicines for saloni.

Kakasa takes the prescription paper and hands it it KTJ saying go and get them. kali offers to get them getting pres. paper. kali goes to get the medicines. Every one comforts Nahar. Kakasa says Nahar everything will be fine . Have a trust on mataji maharaj. Kali takes her time to get medicines. every one is sad. brijesh asks wher eis kali? why is taking so long. Kakasa asks KTJ to go and chk on kali

Ginni's house

samar offers ginni to keep nikita for a night. Ginni says: i was waiting for a month to see nikita saab. and now I get to keep her. But I can't do it. As neighbor talks bad after what kaveriji siad the other day, I can tolerate all but I don't want any one to talk bad about you and nikita. if ppl see Nikita here they will talk. samar says then I will leave.

In the hospital

kali comes back with injection and medicine and hands it over. Brij asks why did you take this long. Kali says there was a big line in the pharmacy.

Bhabho: I knew something bad will happen as kshirdhara dried up earlier when I went to pray. I wanted to tell someone but I kept quiet. I was worried. i wish I had told some one then we would have been more careful. I don't know whose evil eye made it dried up.

Doctor: The operation is done and we saved a patient. But I have a bad news we could not save a child. Child was born dead. Nahar falls on the ground hearing this. brijesh sits by him and comforts him.

Doctor: I have more bad news concieving in future may be risky for the pateint.

Naahr looks at doctor so sadly getting up while brijesh hugs him.

Kakasa says angrily: beta don't pay attention to what doctor say. And doctor you go and treat your pateint and don't worry about future. We will take care of that.

Ambi and shubhra are crying.

Nahar says: I want to me saloni cryingly. Brij asks Nurse : can we meet saloni? Nurse tell them to wait tll sal is shifted to ward.

Nahar goes in the room. he remebers the sweet moments and talks about their baby. Nahar sits by her. He looks so sad.

He talks to saloni holding her hand. He says: we have shared so many happy and sad moments. we will even share this one. we will learn to live without our child. You are my strength saloni. As long as you are strong I can survive. All I need is your love nothing else matters.

bhabho is sitting by saloni. saloni is looking at her and asking where is my child. where is my child/

Bhabho says: sorry beta you fell on your tummy and lost your child. saloni get very angry and start yelling and throwing things. bhabho you are lying whre is my child? tell me where is my child? and throwing every thing. It turns out that this is bhabho's dream and she creams no no.

Bhbho says: sorry I have no courage to tell saloni she lost her child. How can I tell her this.

Ambika is praying near mataji and says: how can you do this ma to my beti. who always wanted to help every one and wanted best for every one and you repay her this way by taking away her child.

Bhabho goes in the room saloni asks ; how is advitiya?

Bhabho: you saved him putting your life in danger. he is fine.

saloni moves her hand on her tummy while bhabho looks away crying.

saloni asks: bhabho you did not tell me where is my baby?

preview: Nurses are talking . Her baby is born dead and she does not know it and she is waiting for baby. saloni overhears.

CREDIT:- ramas
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