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Default Saat Phere - 24th March 08 written update

Padma is scolding Saloni and kshitij tells her . plz stop you have no right to talk to my bhabhi. Padma says: I know saloni you and shubhra belongs to a family with less values and every one in the develsar know about it so why interfere in my family. Stop you have no right coming here and advise me.

Kshitij says How can you talk like this and insult my bhabhi. You should know how to talk first. Nahar is listening to all this and kshitij hands her the phone. Nahar says Saloni. Sal tells him I will talk to you later.

Padam tells kshitij how do you dare coming in my home and insulting me. Just leave. Saloni I do not appreiciate some stranger coming in to my house and insulting me. Take him away.

saloni tells Kshitij You should not talk in this manner and then she apologize to Padam.

Saloni: I am sorry of kTJ's behlf. Please forgive us and about to leave. Padma says : don't you want to know Why I am behaving toward my huby this way before you came here on his behalf. He had another woman despite being married to me and he had a relationship with her and cared for her and still he does. Now as a woman I am sure you understand how I feel. Padma is crying.

As saloni is leaving Shubhra stops her saying didi I am sorry for what My MIL told you. And I am sure papaji is a nice man. He is nothing like that.

Brij house

Saloni and kshiij comes home. He is still angry and upset. He tells Sal she should not have interfered with shubhra's life. Sal tells him : even if you live in US you came here and stop someone whos was hurting your dad. Shubhra is my sister and she is very unhappy with the situation and as a sister it is my duty to go and resolve the situation that makes her family unhappy.

Nahar comes and tells Saloni: KTj is right about that Saloni you should not have interfered. You don't know Gajpratapsingh may be Padamaji is telling the truth. I also don't like the way she talked to you.

Saloni says : Nahar this is going on for 30 years. I am sure she is not going to forget 30 years pain in 30 minutes. It is ok she told me things. I did not feel bad. But look at you. You always advise me to be happy and take care of myself. But look at your face. How would our baby feel seeing you this way. He will be born rotlu(crying baby) Nahar smiles. Sal says that is more like it.

She then tells KTJ to cheer up as he too is going to be a chacha. KTJ smiles too.

Kunjan's house

kunjan is yellling at shubhra while padma is crying. Kunjan: are you satisifed now. Why do you have to go and talk about our house in your maika. Sal had no right saying Masa anything. Kaveri comes there feeling happy.

She tells shubhra: you forgot your keys there so I came to return them Shubhra says these are not my keys. Kaveri says ok then I will leave. She then turns around and says: Oh Padama thakurain I did not see you. Why are you crying? what is wrong?

Kunjan starts: shubhra had to go and tell everything to Saloni. she could not keep our family matters to herself. Kaveri says: Yes I know Saloni di must have come here and said things. Since she like to reform the whole society and interfere in every one's life. Rather than scolding shubhra take care of the problem it self. I think she meant Sal here.

Kunjan says: Yes I will and goes to Gajsingh. He yellls Gjsing come out. Why did you have to come back after you had left us and again posion our life by interfering and poisoning shubhra against us. Can't you let us live in peace. You don't exist for us. So why don't you go away and leave us alone.

Gajsngh says Yes I will go away.

Brij house

Some ladies comes and says that the baby is so beautiful. Bhabho says; just bless him. They say: our blessing are always with him. One lady gives him gift. Tara gets upset. ladies says; we will come back to play with baby. After they leave Tara says : look at them they came here najar lagane meri baby ko. bhabho says: tara don't feel that way they just came to bless him.

Sal says: Bhabho it is ok. bhabhisa has just gotten aditya(baby) so she is insecure. She will learn. Also bhabhisa plz do not get attached to him so much. Once he will go to school then you will have hard time.

Samar's house

Narpat takes shawl and says I love this one even though it is old. It was bought in our marriage. Reminds me of old memories. Ambika says: you don't need that to remind you of old memories and picks up kumkum dibbi I think and smiles. Narpat hugs her and says Ambika you look the same as when I got married to you. you are still so beautiful.

Samar yells Mama papa. Ambika tells Narpat plz let go of me. what will samar think. we are old now and going to be nana nani. Narpat holds her back and says so what You are my wife and let samar wait. ambika tells Narpat let go off me smilingly.

Gajpratpsingh's home

Sal comes there. Gaj tells her you should leave if you came to stop me I am leaving now. I don 't want to talk about padma and kunjan. I know your family thinks wrong of you. why don't you meet them and clarify.

Gaj says: they hate me and I can not tolerate that. Sals says: you love them that is why you have their picture on the wall.

Gaj says: I haven taken everything on me and want to leave. Sal says you should meet them and clarify rather than running away since you love them so much. Gjp says: would you like to meet the person who is the cause of padma's suspicion. Sal says yes.

They go hospital. GJP show shyama to Sal and says this is shyama. She is my childhood friend and in this condition since 30 years. Some one cheated her and left her and ever since she is in this condtion and I am taking care of her.

Sal says there is nothing wrong helping a friend. But don't you know who did this to her.

GJP says: NO I don't she is holding a picture of a man and looks at him but won't show it to any one. If I ever find a person that did this to her I will take care of him for hurting Shyama. They shows the picture. It is a picture of young Narpatsingh.
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24th, march, phere, saat, update, written

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