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Default Chat transcript of shraddha n karan tlkin 2 ppl

Hey guyz! i dnt no if u herd or not but i herd dat apparantli karan woz cumin on dis live chatroom thing 2 tlk 2 ni of his fans, n i think he did but on dis one itz him n his gf too, sooo i thought u guyz mite wana chek der chat out n wot sum of der fans had 2 sai! itz reli kool n both of em r reli sweet, bles em! altho i am upset n annoyed coz i missed it! nwayz enjoy! i got dis convo of anova forum so i av no idea bout on wot chatroom it woz on n stuff so plz dnt ask, thnkz! (o n btw! da diff names of r of ppl hu came on dis chatroom n tlked wiv em, itz basically lyk MSN! n iv highlighted da usernames of em al so dat it hlpz ) plz comment as wel!

Shradha Nigam & Karan Singh

Transcript of Live Chat with TV Artists Sharadha Nigam & Karan Singh on 29th July 2008 at 1 pm.


Shradha Nigam & Karan Singh

TV Artists

asas > Hi Guys is it love at first sight for you guys or a friendship turned into love??

shradha_karan > For Karan it was love at first sight and for me it was love at second sight.

gaurav > One thing that u don't like about each other???

shradha_karan > Karan : she has more free time then I do other than that she is quite awesome, shradha: he is too buzy...slighty messy..

carran > Shradha which is that one habit of karan that drives u crazy about and vice versa

shradha_karan > First is his smile , second is his sense of humor that too when he has forgotten something and trying to cover up.

pooja > Hi Shradha don't you feel in -secured when you see Karan romancing with Dr Ridhma and everyone is just talking about their chemistry???

shradha_karan > No I donít feel jealous, as I m from the same field I happy with the kind of popularity he is getting. I am not an extremely possessive kind of a person.

tina > Hi guys so tell us who proposed whom????

shradha_karan > karan :It was me who proposed her .

raksha > hi Karan what your idea of perfect romance?????

shradha_karan > First this my perfect romance season (rainy) and above that I just love holding hand and walk in the rain with Shradha ... Nothing is more romantic than this....

nupur > Hi Guys which is your favorite romantic song????

shradha_karan > Karan: Song by Creed : arms wide open.... Shradha : One that karan has just mentioned and How do you feel tonight by Bryan Adams

neha > The craziest thing both of you ever done for each other?

shradha_karan > Karan: On my birthday we were in Goa and we had a long day. I slept for a couple of hrs and when I went back to my room after dinner shradha has decorated the room for me with candles, cake , flowers. .... That is my best Birthday ever in last 26 yrs.....

shradha: Whatever he does for me is really sweet , I am fond of solkari and that too from a particular restaurant karan makes it a point to bring it specially for matter how long he has to travel for it.

richa > Your upcoming plans? Are u guys planning to do any project together

shradha_karan > Yes, we are planning on doing a few films together.. Nothing is yet finalized

mona > Favorite destination both of you would like to spent time together in India and abroad?

shradha_karan > Goa... I will have to take Shradha all around the world because she wants to go for shopping in London she wants to eat food from all the world..

kiran > Hi Karan who is your favorite costar from DMG????

shradha_karan > Shilpa Anand, who unfortunately is not a part of the show.

minu > Which is that one movie that you can see with each other again and again??

shradha_karan > Matrix...itís not romantic but we still hold hand

rajan > One thing that you hate and love about your profession???

shradha_karan > Shradha: You really have to work hard you get reorganization and don't get time for personal things..... Karan : I am the busiest actor on TV and I still have enough time to spend with Shradha !!!! One must manage time properly.....I do what I want to do ...

rajat > Hi guys please tell how do you manage to take time out for each other from your hectic work schedules

shradha_karan > We don't manage it just happens.... its a perfect timing for us.

jeetu > What do you value the most is it critical acclaim or commercial success

shradha_karan > karan: Both... I don't like settling for any thing I want everything...

seema > Hi sharadha what is that one that you cannot live without???

shradha_karan > karan...

usha > Who is more aggressive amongst you both????

shradha_karan > To certain areas it is karan and to a certain it is me....we completely compensate each other.... we complete each other!! haha

nirm > Hi guys after a fight who takes the initiative for a patch up????

shradha_karan > Itís me who always takes the initiative as men are submissive an donít really like to fight. Whereas Shradha is quite shy.

rahul > Hey karan one thing that drives you crazy about Shradha???

shradha_karan > Well sometimes when I watch her sleeping her hair is all over her face it just a sight that I wish I could stop the time and live that moment forever but I on the other hand I feel like waking her up as I craving to talk to her.....

rahul > What are your zodiac ??

shradha_karan > I am a Libran where as Karan is a Piscean

rahul > Which actor / actress according to both of you does not deserve to be a part of TV Industry ?

shradha_karan > Shradha: Well I think all of them are doing a good job so none of them. Karan : 50% of Artists on TV does not deserve to be a part of TV Industry.

> Hi karan what made you choose acting as a career??? Which was your first acting project???

shradha_karan > I always meant to be here only.. My first project was kitne mast hai zindagi on MTV (Balaji show)...

kau_p > When did you guys started dating each other????

shradha_karan > Well it was a couple of days after we met 24th march 2007

harry > Which character trait do you like the most and why attitude /simplicity /bold / reserveness /naughtiness ?????

shradha_karan > karan: mix of everything... for a complete person one must have all these things...Shradha: Attitude, it is shows what a person is in reality

ria > Hi sweets....Well this is Ria fm Jalandhar I study in Cambridge international Jalandhar... I watch your show DMG rozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its awesome actually we talk everyday about this and well one thing I want to say karan bhaiya I donít like Ridhima really she is not as good but its ok...and shradha didi you was damm good in krishna arjun my sis used 2 watch that ...well what are your plans ahead ? God bless you both may you go high and high

shradha_karan > So sweet Ria .. keep watching and loving us... we will try and best to keep you guys happy....we are planning to do a few projects in future.....

Signoff Message >

shradha_karan > Hi everyone... thanx for Chating with us ... and it will be great if we could chat again.. Thanx for the love and support....we thank you all as a couple.. ..
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