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Default 23rd September 2008 KS written update


The show starts with Pronita driving and Meera is with her in the car,they followed the jungle way.Pronita says if you try to touble people then your situation will be like this.Meera says shut up okay.Pronita stops the car,and says it don't want to start.Pronita says whenever you sit in the car right it will always happen like this.Just like me the car doesn't like you Meera.Meera says just shut up and start the car.Pronita says it's not starting.Pronita says I have to call the mechanic I think,I'm going.Meera says what i will sit here.Pronita says okay we both will sit here in the jungle.Don't be foolish you stay here and I will call the mechanic.Pronita leaves and Meera is alone in the car

She seem to be scared and calls PronitaShe went off from the car,and keep on calling Pronita.She saw someone and she follows her.Meera says to her,stop!Who are you?The music(asha hai)was playing at the background.She just follows the bhoot I think

It brought her to KALI!reminds Meera how she killed Bani!

Meera came back again to the party and calls Jai name in front of everyone.Everyone went towards her but she was only asking about Jai.Jai says what happen Meera?Meera was really scared.Dadi interrupts and says you saw a bhoot or what.Meera says I saw with my own eyes,and she fainted.

Pronita came and looked at Jigyasa and they both smile at each other.Jigyasa says what she did few years back now she is getting it back.Pronita says I won't leave her that fast.How she made me suffered.Jigyasa says you are right she have to suffer a lot.


Meera was on her bed sleeping and Pronita came and says Meera what happen.Rano says she was scared of something and came to say something and then she fainted.Pronita says haan Adi uncle something weird happen to me too,car was not starting,so I went to look for mechanic.After came back I saw Meera was not in the car.

Pronita says Meera open your eyes.Pronita splashes water on her,and ask her to open her eyes.Meera wake up.

Meera says Jai I saw with my own eyes eyesDadi says bhoot.Meera says haan maybe I saw bhoot.Pronita says you saw bhoot come on Meera.Pronita says you are worked out and need rest.Meera says im not pagal.When you wnet to call the mechanic I saw.I'm telling the truth I saw Bani.Jai says what Bani ka bhoot.Pronita says come on Meera ,Bani ka bhoot .How come you can see Bani.You know what you was so close to Bani and about going to the Mount Abu right it reminds you of her.Meera says nothing is like that,I really saw that bhoot.

Jai says you know what you saying,Meera says believe me,I really saw,and it tries to harm me.Pronita says Bani wants to harm you?Come on Meera everyone knows how is Bani,a kind of person.Which I know about Bani she will never harm her enemies.Why would she try to harm you?You're her own people na?If someone tries to harm you unless you harmed them.You didn't do anything to her.

Meera says everyone why don't you believe me?Pronita says okay I believe you that you saw Bani,she tries to send you a message about a uncomplete work or something.

Aditya says this is just Meera's imagination.Why would she send message to Meera,she would send to Jai or Ganga who was close to her.What was her matlab towards Meera.Meera I think you drank wrong drink in that ****tail party.Meera says I' saying I saw Bani's bhoot.

Pronita says okay you saw Bani's bhoot.But did you harm her no right.Meera says leave me alone,Ganga says how to leave you alone in this situation.Meera says Ganga please I've said just leave me alone,go from here.

Everyone left,Ganga was trying to call Priytush,but he is not picking up the call.Rishi came and ask what happen Ganga?You are worried about your choti ma?Ganga says haan,actually I'm worried of Priytush,it's already late and he is still not here.I guess Priytush and Sonali together.Rishi says oh that means something is going on.Rishi is normal about girls who love to suspect.Rishi says he must be somewhere,Sonali is hot.Think of some other girls,the guys are like dogs.Rishi says you are wrong not all guys are like that.Rishi and Ganga saw Priytush and Sonali just arrive and Rishi says you were right they both are together and he left.


Sonali says thanks Priytush.Priytush says come on Sonali we are friends so please no thanks no sorry.Ganga came across.Sonali says Ganga please don't misunderstand this.There were no car available at the airport and he helped to bring all the stuff.Ganga says I don't want to talk to you.Or Priytush I don't want to argue with you or ask you anything.

Only I don't like you to meet Sonali or talk to her.And after this you wil not do anything like that.I don't want to hear anything from you.

Priytush says disgusting,how can she do this to me.

Rishi says oh no if Ganga says not to meet Sonali or talk to her,then our plan.Pronita says our plan will be successful .Rishi says how it will be?Pronita says Rishi attraction.If two people like each other,they will be eager to meet each other,and when two people are away from each other they are willing to do anything.Priytsuh like Sonali and he will reject Ganga.Pronita says I'm worried about Ganga,how she will be shattered.

Meera wakes up and what I saw was imagination and Bani is alive.Pronita ask Meera are you still scared.

Meera says don't be happy,raat gayi baat gayi,just think about yourself,Ganga and Priytush will get married.Just 2 days left.Pronita says 48 hours are left,it's enough for me.


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2008, 23rd, september, update, written

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