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Default 4th November 2008 KS written update


Half of the show was just like yesterday,Pronita was stopping Pia from entering the hotel room through phone and Pia doesn't want to listen.There was a bomb blast,Pronita hears it through the phone.

Jigyasa asked is everything okay Bani?Bani says why did you ?Jigyasa took the phone and hears Pia is talking and gave the phone back to Pronita.Pronita asked Pia is everything okay,Pia says it just the sound that maybe the kids played with fireworks.Jigyasa told Pronita that she is fool to believe her.

Jigyasa says Jai is leaving and I won,i'll give you the last chance ,you can go and pack Jai's things.Jigyasa shouts at her to go.Then Pronita remembers the time she had with Jai.(Kasamh Se tune been played),she then packs his things.

All the family was on the farewell.Adi says that we are coming.Ganga looked very sad Jai told Rishi to take care of her daughter,he says to everyone to pack properly their things and asked them not to be late for their flights.

Rano was looking at Jai and told herself how could you leave Bani dee and go as she is here,you don't even know that dee is very near to you,now is the time for you both to be together.Pronita quietly says don't go Mr.Walia.

She then ran behind him and he enters the car and leaves.Pronita is crying and Rano,Pia then Pushkar came to her.Pronita says Mr.Walia and there was tears on her eyes.She then leaves there and walk.

Rano says we can't even do anything for her and she did a lot for us.Pia says I promised her that I will get Jai back to her.Pushkar says that we can't just stand here without doing anything,we still have 3 hours,we can stop him.

Pushkar says Bani is my best friend and I will do anything for her.He says again that Jai is going somewhere before he leaves this place.


Jai is standing at the kids grave,and says to them that he will come back soon.He says that his heart will always be there for them.He then leaves from there.Pushkar tires calling him through his hand phone but is not reachable.Pronita called him and he got annoyed and switch off the phone.

Pushkar then finally stops the car but it is not Mr.Walia's car.It was his mistake.Pia and Rano came there and convince him that Mr.Walia will believe his words about Bani.Pushkar says we can't let Mr.Walia to leave and we can't leave Bani alone.Pushkar says that they have to do something and asked where is Bani?Rano says she knows that Bani will be now.


Ganga remembers the time she had with her father She was crying.Rishi came with phone on his hand and told to someone that he is happy,Ganga got annoyed coz she is sa dand he is happy.Rishi wanted to tell her the good news and she stops him.She says that if she is not married to him,she would have leave here with her father.

Rishi's mom and came and says that Rishi is starting a business in US with his friend and we all can go and stay there in US.Ganga is stumped.

Pronita is sitting down at the Kali Ma temple and Pushkar asked her to get up and act,to stop Jai.Pronita says let him go and she says she did everything and now she is lost.He don't even recognize me.

Rano says even we couldn't recognize you,even though we could feel you and that is because Jigyasa's lies.Pushkar tells him that she is going to punish herself if she let him to go,he asked her to stop him.Pushkar says today one lie will break the cycle of all the lies that Jigaysa created.


Precap : Police came to arrest Jigyasa and they says that she ran away from the jail before and because of killing Bani.Adi shouts at her and tells you killed Bani and Jigyasa replies and tells him that Bani is still alive!!!!
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2008, 4th, november, update, written

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