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Default october 11 writtern updates

-T/T come out of Veer's room w/Mahi. They are all very thankful for Veer's well-being and Tayiji says after he has fully recovered they will all go to the Gurudwara. They then tell Mahi to call Shabd and let him know as he too must be worried sick. Mahi steps away a little and calls while slightly hesitating. Shabd who is at home playing around with the camera receives the call and Mahi tells him Veer is ok now. Shabd is relieved and just as Mahi starts talking Suhani comes in the room. Mahi can hear as Suhani asks Shabd if he ate and she says she will arrange for it. Mahi asks Shabd about Suhani being there and he tells her it is none of her business. T/T who are standing behind Mahi come up to her and she tells them Shabd was very happy and will come meet up with Veer soon. She tells T/T she will be right back and walks away.

-Veer (looking mighty good compared to yest's 'dying' look) is asking the doc when he can go home. The doc tells him after one more day but even at home he will have to take full rest and tells Soni she will have to look after him. Veer tells the doc he is bored in the hospital bed that's all. As he goes to turn his shoulder hurts and just as Soni reaches out Durga puts her hand on his shoulder instead. Veer notices what Durga just did and looks at Durga and then Soni. (Awkward moment may I add) As Durga is massaging Veer's shoulder Mr. K comes in and tells her she shouldn't be do that at this age and Soni is there for all this. Durga says 'no' and then covers up saying she was doing it as Soni will go get food for Veer (what Lovely or Mahi can't go???)-Soni looks at her surprised and Veer too notices. She tells Soni to go get khichadi with loads of ghee so Veer gets better quick. Soni sort of hesitates, Veer notices and Durga is enjoying. Soni mumbles to ask who will stay but then slowly walks out. She keeps looking back at Veer and glances back one last time before going out of the room-Veer too is looking at her the whole time. (I thought the dope would tell his mom to go home-clearly not the case!!!)

-Outside Soni tells Jeet she will go get food for Veer and asks him to take care of everything here. He tells her she doesn't need to tell him what to do. As he is telling Soni he knows his responsibilities towards his brother Mahi comes from afar and hears all this. Jeet notices and stops and walks away. Soni tells Mahi she will go home and come back.

-T/T are talking abt whether Shabd will come and what not. Mahi just then notices Suhani and Shabd walking into Veer's room. T/T notice and talk to each other abt how Mahi gets upset everytime she sees Suhani and they go to Mahi. Mahi covers up saying Suhani too wanted to wish Veer well and so she came. Mahi then tells them she will join Shabd.

-Shabd is really happy to see Veer ok and is telling him they will party big once he is fully-recovered. He holds Veer's hand tightly (the hurt one) and Veer cringes. He jokes with Shabd to not get so excited that Veer's hand itself breaks. Shabd apoligizes. (Kinda nice cute light moment after ages) Suhani tells Shabd they should go and both wish Veer well and leave.

-As Shabd and Suhani are leaving Mahi comes and asks abt him. He as usual has an indifferent attitude towards her while Mahi tells him that T/T are also here and asks him to stay. Shabd tells Suhani he had promised to drop her off and he will. Mahi looks on helplessly (a little too helplessly) as they walk off...Suhani tells him she forgot her phone and will get it...Suhani comes back and rants on and on to Mahi abt how she doesn't know what is going on between Shabd and Mahi etc etc. Same-old Suhani act.

-Mahi is sitting outside alone really upset. Meanwhile Soni is walking in with a cooler and Jeet is coming from the opposite direction. She bumps into some dude with a wheelcart and drop the cooler. It 'hits' Jeet who was also walking nearby. Soni tells Jeet it must've been hot and grabs a towel for Jeet from the cooler. Jeet looks on annoyed and tosses it back saying he doesn't need her sympathy (the usual Jeet act nowadays). He tells her to leave him alone and stay away-he asks how many times he has to tell her. Mahi hears from afar and is watching the scene. Soni asks Jeet to talk quietly as there are people here. Jeet then calls the people that are walking by to gather around. He taunts Soni in front of them and tells them she is not as innocent as she looks etc etc---he humiliates her. The people walk away and he tells Soni now they too know what she is like. (Lets have a bigger jerk competition: Shabd or Jeet???)

-Soni picks up the cooler and leaves. As Jeet is walking off Mahi stops him and asks him what right he had to talk to Soni like that. Jeet tells her God knows what Soni is up to. Soni notices from afar. Mahi asks Jeet if he even knows what the truth it-has he tried to find out what the truth is. Mahi tells Jeet that he is seeing only his pain...his brother is suffering inside and he is busy sulking and nursing his broken heart. Jeet tells her that what he had done to Mahi was unknowing (when he had broken her heart) but that Soni did all this knowingly. She did it intentionally and he will never let it be forgiven and walks off. Mahi is left standing.

*Jeet and Shabd are tied for putting on the best 'jerk' act.

*Veer should've told Durga to go home and rest!!!

*Mahi could've had Jeet take Suhani home :-)

*Overall-blah for a Thursday episode.

Preview: Durga is telling Soni, Lovely and Mr. K that just because Veer has re-gained consciousness they have forgotten that the reason Veer is here in the first place is he was saving Soni from that terrorist. She doesn't want Soni anywhere near Veer.
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