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Default my Armaan and Ridhimma love story

hello everybody i am a very creative person i write about a million story's i have 2 big massive books full of story and half of them are love story's and comedy

you are probably wondering why you care well i just want you guys to know i will be posting so many dmg storys for you lot and i hope you don't mind so heres my first one.

it was not long that armaan become a proper doctor from an intern, he just walked out from the operation theater where he had just saved someones life .it was very very rare case, which only a miracle could do successfully.

when armaan walked out of the theater he looked up and he could see a beautiful girl with lovely hazel eyes and long dark hair which smelled better than

a rose. she was wearing a long chudidar and her duppatta was round her neck. her face had a big bright smile on it, the lovely girl was armaans love, the love of his life looking at her face made all his stress heal and brought a smile to his face the girl walked towards armaan and said 'congrats armaan i knew you will be able to do this after all your hands are a mirale tumari haat mein jadoo hai' then they both hugged

'thanks ridhimma' armaan said.

out from the blue appeared two other people one girl who was wearing a long skinny jeans and a purple top with a waist coat with a white lap coat in her hand and beside her was a man who had a very cheesy smile on his face.

'congrats buddy' said the weird looking man

'thanks champ' armaan said in a annoyed voice

'hey well done mujhe pata tha khi tum kamyab ho ghi' said anjali

then an annoncement was made

'could doctor atul please report to dr.kirti immediately'

'i must go quickly before she make the hair in my neck stand'

he left from there and armaan said'i will meet you later' he sounded very annoyed and worried he seemed to have forgotten that the love of his life was right next to him.

ridhimma could tell that there was something bugging him she said to herself what is wrong with him today i'm normally the one who is walking off and he tries to stop me but whats going on...

sorry guys i am going now if any one wants me to carry one please do tell me because i don't want to bore you to bye
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