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Default Saath Phere - 20 December writtern Update


nurse says its time for medicine

saloni says didnt u hear me i'm not going to take it

the nurse turns around and saloni sees the injection on box and tries to inject her

and the nurse turns around scolds her and says i'm going to tell them you are crazy and they will send you to mental hopital

saloni lies back down

says after coming back back so many years we brought gift for everyonew

urvashi gives them out.she gives nahar a photo frame ,with him and saloni's pic

she says i havent seen saloni ,where is she n addds she must have gone to her parents house

Urvashi gives gifts for Dheer and Ishaan. Next she sees a big packet and inquires for whom is it? Veer tells her its for his good friend in Mhow ( near Indore) . Urvashi asks so they can courier him but Veer says no he is very close so it would be personally delivered and asks Brijesh to do it. Urvashi senses Brijesh doesnt want to and says that Tara would be alone so lets send Nahar as his wife is not here.

(i'm just going to sum up the other parts really fast)sorry if i leave anything out

saloni is lying down and remembering the nurse words that she will be sent to mental asylum.Hence she decides to run away. She comes out off her room and overhears the nurse's convo.

the nurse are talking outside and saying we have to send her tomm,she disturbes alot

saloni is listening and she quitely sneaks out taking adv of a pillar.

Later the nurse calls nishi and says saloni is not in her room,and informs neel also

and they reach at the hospital.

neels is saying where is she,the nurse says i dont know

saloni is walking on the road and some drunk men come there and saloni says who are you uncle,and they start laughing at her and one of them replies yes I am uncle and u r my lil daughter and then he holds her hand as Saloni says i want to go home.

Saloni tries to free herself and run but is unable to.


neel and nishi are walkingh and sau dard hai sau rahte...plays in the background while neel remeber the moments with saloni in the hospital

saloni is running away while the guys grab saloni

a Car stops there and someone is shown walking towards

and its nahar the guy says why did you stop you car here and tells him to get out of here

nahar says wht's going on here and who's there and who are you hiding

saloni has her eyes closed with her hands

They start to hit Nahar as he fights back with Saloni looking at hiand then she runs away from there. After the goons have gone Nahar turns to see no one.

(i'm sorry the last part to the video is not showing up on my computer ,for some reason)

adding the part

After the goons are gone Nahar notices his hand is bleeding and then sees " payal" lying there. He picks it up and remembers the sweet moment with Saloni.

( flashback) Nahar room

Nahar sees Saloni lying and lost in reading a magazine and sits beside on the bed. He then takes out the "payal" and as he is trying to make her wear, Saloni sees him and smilingly asks when did he come and picks the payal asking and what is this? Nahar smiles and tells her he came but she didnt notice and he got "payal" for her. Saloni says great they are with "ghungroos" at which Nahar says so that whenever she is near him then he can hear that and if she is away then the silence will signify that.

back again Nahar on the road feels that Saloni was near to him somewhere.

Next week: Nahar is in the same hospital where Saloni was being treated. He is asking for dressing of wound at reception. Neel is walking into the reception area but a man on wheelchair stops him and asks whether the lost girl was found and Neel tells him no, not yet.
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