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Default 23rd July Brief written update

Mahi's mother goes over to billo and tells her that angad's father has fixed the date for kamiya's engagement which happens to be very soon. Mahi is shocked and kamiya is very happy. Them two leave to get things done for kamiya's engagment. Mahi is about to leave when kamiya grabs her hand and asks her to help her out with picking out the dresses and jewelry because mahi's choice is really good. Mahi doesn't say anything. Kamiya tells mahi how much she loves angad and she has never been this happy. She went through really tough times and mahi was always there for her. She asks mahi to be with her in her happy moments. Mahi just smiles, but she isn't happy. Kamiya tells mahi she wants to be an ideal couple with angad just like mahi and her brother shabd. Mahi is not even talking and just listening while she looks distressed.

Over at khurana's house, soni comes to ask durga if she can go to mandir. Durga says of course and she asks soni if she going alone. Durga tells soni to wait for jyoti and go with her. Soni tells her not to worry and durga tells her to eat first and then go. Soni tells her that she'll come back and eat. Durga lets her go and cherry watches all this from upstairs. Cherry leaves to go to her room. Soni goes outside the house and jeet is going somewhere when he stops soni. He tells her whereever she needs to go, he'll drop her. Soni tells her that she is not going far and the mandir is nearby. Jeet insists and soni goes with her. Cherry watches all this from her window and is pissed.

Over at mahi's place, all the ladies are in one room trying to dance. Billo tells kamiya and mahi to dance lively. Kamiya asks her to dance and billo says that she only dances when her husband sings. Everyone smiles and billo starts the music. They all are dances by following billo's steps. Angad passes by and he peeks inside the room. He keeps starring at mahi and then shabd comes there. Shabd asks him what he is doing and he sees girls dancing, including mahi and kamiya. Shabd tells him that he is watching kamiya dance and angad agrees. Shabd starts watching mahi dancing too and both are peeking from the door. Then tayaji comes there and he tells them they should be ashamed watching girls dance. Then tayaji starts looking at billo dancing too and all three of them are peeking from the door. Billo sees them and she opens the door, which makes all of them fall on the floor. The girls all laugh. Billo tells her husband that he shouldnt be peeking like this and he made the shabd and angad do the same. Tayaji defends hiimself and he tells them they cant even dance. Shabd and angad agrees with tayaji. Billo challenges them to dance with them and tayaji tells them that they not worthy of a challenge. Billo forces them to accept the challege. Billo goes to dance with her husband first and she loses. Then kamiya goes to dance with angad, and she trips him over. He falls and he loses. Next, shabd and mahi dances. While they dancing they start to stare at each other, which angad doesnt like. Everyone is looking at them and mahi's mother come in the middle. They all start dancing in circle. Mahi is dancing in the middle and angad comes near her and hits her with his elbow. Mahi looks at him disturbed and angad goes away dancing with others.

Soni and jeet are at the mandir. Jeet asks her to go and he is leaving. Soni is going up the stairs and she feels giddy. Jeet runs to her and makes her sit. He gets water bottle for her and she drinks it. He goes to the mandir with her and they take blessings from the god. Soni gives jeet prasad and they look at each other. They leave the mandir and cherry's car comes there. She looks at them both. She thinks to herself how soni told durga that she going alone and now she is with jeet. She tells herself that she has to get jeet away from soni and she knows how to do it.

NExt epi: Cherry tells jeet that in the house him and soni are seperate, but when they go outside, they are together. Jeet tells her that her heart is full of dirt and so is her eyes. Whatever she sees, looks dirty to her.
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23rd, july, update, written

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