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Default friends forever part 3

hey everyone again

im here again wid da next part of my fan fiction but before dat I wanna tell u all sumthing dat I have missed sorry everyone I forgot to tell u abt da family background of armaan ridhima anjali n atul so here it is

armaan is from an unknown family ridhima is his childhood friends but she also dunno abt his parents ridhima n anjali father name is shashank gupta he is a businessman n there mother smriti is a housewife atul’s mom n dad have passed when he was just 7

im very very very sorry about this mistake

so it goes lyk

armaan behaves normally with ridhima but ridhima totally ignores him

Armaan: anjali ajj tum atul ke saath beth jao

Anjali understands wat he was trying to say


Ridhima enters da class n sees anjali is sitting wid atul n armaan is sitting alone n there is no oder place in da class except dat seat so she sits there she totally ignores him teacher enters da class

Teacher:good morning students

Students:good morning ma’am

Teacher:students as u all know we are about to complete our first topic so I want to give u all an assignment of making notes on topic anything related to da topic n u all will submit it to me next week


Anjali gave him a tough look

Anjali by mistake touched atul’s hand n atul got a shock he keep on stairing @ ger

After giving lecture teacher leave da class

Armaan: hey chashmish is baar bhi notes doge na(as armaan always copied ridhima’s notes)

Ridhima: chalo atul

Atul: but ridhima armaan tum se kuch keh raha hai

Ridhima:tumhe sunnahai to tum hi suno ise mai ja raheho BYE!

Armaan:are chashmish

Armaan follows ridhima till da end of coridoor every1 was stairing @ dem

Ridhima: tumhare problem kiya hai tum aise kyun ker rahe ho mujhe tumse baat nahi kerne

Armaan:but yaar kyun itne chote si baat ko itna lamba ker rahe ho

Ridhima: tumhare liye to har baat hi chote hote hai!

Anjali: tum dono phir se shurooho gai tumhe koi kaam nahi hai kiya

Ridhima:mujhe to hai di ye armaan ko hi nahi hai

Anjali: kiya hoa armaan

Armaan: dekho na anjali itne chote se baat ko itna lamba khench rahe hai

Anjali: ab who baat nahi kerne chahte to chor do na usse

Ridhima: exactly

Ridhima moves towards next class

Anjali:tumhe uski itne fikar kab se hone lag gai

Armaan:chill beautiful uski nahi mujhe apnefikar hai notes ka kiya karo ga mai

Anjali:to isi liye smart boy

Armaan: thanx

Scene shifts toridhimas house armaan comes n sit on his knees wid a flower in his hands n start saying

Armaan: plz ridhima plz plz plz mujhe maf kerdo

Ridhima: yeh kiya ker raho ho armaan

Armaanlz plz plz

Ridhima: ok ok but ajj ke baad aisa ghatiya mazak nahi karoge

Armaan: I promise

Ridhima: ok now stand up maine tumhe maaf kiya

Armaan back to normal

Armaan: ok jalde se apne notes do


Armaan:notes do mere paas tym nahi hai zyada

Ridhima gave him notesn was looking @ da flower

Armaan: tumhare liye nahi hai

Ridhima: huh!

Armaan leaves

He submitted da assignment n got good remarks

@ college

ridhima n her friends named(rita) were playing truth n dare a friend spinned da bottle n It pointed towards ridhima

ritah ridhima so truth or dare

ridhima:hmm…. Truth

rita: ok so our question is is there sumthing between u n armaan

ridhima: sumthing…wat?


Ridhima: wat rubbish r u talking mai aur armaan??? Never

Rita: sach keh raheho mai humare paasankhe hai kitne dino se tum dono….

Ridhima: nahi yaar uske saath merakoi rishta nahi hai

N ridhima thought for a moment abt armaan from dat angle n she said to herself

Ridhima: nahi ye pyar nahi ho sakta

N then armaan came

Armaan:kiya nahi ho sakta chachmish

Ridhima just stands up

Ridhima: mujhe jana hai

She moved turned to attend her class n she feels dat her dupata is stucked some where she turns n see dat her dupata is stucked wid armaan’s button

Armaan: are ye kaise phasa chalo tum nahi to umhara dupata hi mujhe pasand kerta hai lolz

Ridhima gave him a tough look n left a friend of armaan named vickey asked him

Vickey: yaar armaan to ridhima kakoun hai?

Armaan: jo tum sab ho…dost

Vickey: lekin tum uske dost se zyada lagte ho

Armaan: dost se zyada

Vickey: ha

Armaan: are to pagal hai kiya tu samajh raha hai keh…mai aur ridhimm…. Nah! Yekabhi nahi ho sakta

Da days passed on n dere fights increased day by day dono kabhibhi aik dosre ko tang kerne ka koi moka hath se na jane dete

Then dey had summer vacations anjali and ridhima went out of the town for spending their vacation wid their parents armaan didn’t knew dat when de are returning so didn’t met them he was asusual playing basketball when a gal came there n started playing football in da opposite direction to armaan armaan could not see her face coz of her beautiful hairs shewas too cool den armaan moved towards her

Armaan:hello yaha nai ae ho

Da gal shook her head lyk yes

Armaan: ok mai armaan is jaga ki jaan

Da gal started laughing n turned

Da episode ends

Hey everyone plz tell me did u liked it or not

friends forever part 1:Friends Forever

friends forever part 2

friends forever part 2:
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