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Default DMG - 4th Oct written update

4th Oct ober Update - Minni Is Alright

armaan n ridz reaches inside ..where kirti is giving oxygen 2 minni !dr armaan looks shocked..kirti tells 2 nurse 2 page armaan kirti tells armaan dat her oxygen level is becoming low! armaan is not reacting!.... armaan ridz n all others takes minni,..dere armaan thinks abt minni..nurse is try 2 put needle in minni`s hand! so armaan remembers minni how she told dat i m scared of injection, so armaan scolds nurse dat y r u putting so times injection... he takes d needle n tries 2 put but his hands r shaking! ridz is abt 2 go 2 stop him but kirti tells ridz dont go..kirti says 2 armaan comes outside as i want 2 talk 2 u abt something..dey go outside where kirti says u r so much involved in dis case.. i think u should stop working in this case for sometime.. armaan says minni is my patient n dont interfare in my matters! shashank tells now we have 2 teach u mannerrs how 2 talk with ur seniors! armaan tells srry.. kirti tells u r being emotional..he says ok den i will resign n dat way i can stay with minnie as her frnd.. shashank says but with emotions u cant b a doctor so b practical n go attend minni...he leaves...shashank tells sometimes patient needs medicine with sympathy!kirti agrees.. ridz sees this from some distance! ridz is in minnis ward..when dere atul, sapna n anjali comes n ask abt minnis health.. armaan says minni is fine n nothing will happen 2 her he tells dem 2 leave..all leave except ridz..ridz goes 2 armaan n says i will stay with u..he says i dont need ridz leaves.. armaan remembers minnis scenes n reads dat letter in which she writes dat from the time u met ur gf u forgot me, i think i m going far away from u ..remember if i will go i will not come where ever u are just come 2 me! armaan cries! ridz sees him with some distance!armaan leaves 2 1 room... where ridz follows.. ridz tells armaan dat minni will b alright.. armaan says she is fine! ridz says i m with u... so armaan says i dont need u..its all becoz of u ..iwas with u dats y couldnt reach 2 minni! armaan leaves... ridz thinks armaans words!

armaan takes minnis reports 2 kirti n tells her all reports r tht means she is not in danger any more.. kirti says yes she is fine but she not alright now...armaan yells dat everything is fine n u r telling like this! kirti says u r thinking like a emtional person..think like doctor ,. armaan leaves! dr shashank is studying some file when dere ridz comes..he tells i talk 2 another doctor abt minni..but he cant come here but we can send minni dere.. ridz is lost in her thoughts! shashank ask wht happened? she ssays armaan for d 1st time behaving like this.. 1 person who always comes 1 2 help others is reacting this way.. shashank tells all men r same,.. shashank says if u want 2 support armaan u can support him as a frnd! ridz tells thnks papa u always solve my problem!

arman is with minni when ridz brings idol ( idont know wht u call it)for miinni..she goes 2 her n says nothing will happen 2 u n gives d idol 2 her!ridz sees armaan n leaves! armaan also sees her!...armaan sits dere upset!next dey show armaan walking in d corridor!when d ward man says aarti have been started...allr doing pooja... armaan also prays! he says i f u r powrful..make minni alright becoz minni have faith in u..n if something happen 2 minni.. all pple will not trust u!ridz comes running calling for armaan.. arman is still doing pooja when dere ridz comes !

precap: armaan is crying when ridz brings food for him..n tells him2 eat...she keeps her hand on his hand.. armaan stares @ her!

Credit: Sanober

Video will be uploaded by razaak soon plz be patient
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