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Default 31st December 2007 KS written update

The show starts off with Jigs walking in the house, saying Mausi and Bani havnt chnaged they are still crying after all these years..

Mausi dares Jigs to bow down to her, and says a mother has the right to be angry.. n says over the last 6 years you have turned into a child.

Jigs says i am here to make Bani understand that she is not wanted in their lives.. and says why are you back?? and says Walias were happy without Bani.. and now shes back no one is happy..

Jigs says if this is how Bani will come into Jai's life, its not going to happen.. Mausi shouts at her sayin why are you butting in..

Jigs is hurt by Mausi's words and then says i have direct contact with god so dont talk int God terms. and tells Bani not to butt in..

Mausi Says JW is interferring in their life.. Jigs is shocked!

Jigs says you can live as Aishwariya rai or as methali but why live in mumbai??

Jigs says why dont you start your business of trapping men??

Jigs tells Mausi that JW is married.. and says he is now really happy... she says why is Bani interferrin now?? Bani is crying loads [i see her cough has gne]

She tells Mausi to tell Bani to stay away from the Walia.. and asks when i come to meet you next time you will live with us.. Land lady hears it all..

Bani runs off.. crying.

Jigs is walking and the land lady meets her sayin 'badi bindi wali madam! ] and they introduce themselves, she is choti bindi bhen .. and Land lady fills Jigs in on Bani in meerut

Ganga is asleep on the bed and daksh is asleep on the couch.. Mausi tries to wake him up but he doesnt.. Mausi decides to kepp that inffo to herself!

Jigs is totally shocked about Bani being kicked out from meerut.. Land lady gets slapped by jigs... and says because of you Walias are suffering. Jigs says now you will kick Bani out of Mumbai and shows her money.. she agrees..

Part 2

Raashi is in the mandir, and she says to a lady somethiing about the human traffic.. a ladys' eyes and lips are are shown and then her face [the promo lady] the Pandit says theres too many people..

The promo lady takes Raashi to one side and says i will let u in.. we will go the back way.. Raashi kindly refuses.. The GHANTEES go off and the lady says think about it.. Raashi says i will do the pooja.. dont you worry.. and walks to the Gods

The promo lady watches.. and everyone gathers around Raashi [oh! she did a mini pooja of her own]

The promo lady looks at the screen and says i have to test her faith in God...

The pandit family are looking at saris for the wedding and Land lady tries to thing of ways to kick Bani out.. she notices Bani has a sari bought for her too and then says Bani is a theif

The Brides mother says Bani is like her daughter.. end of land lady not happy

Part 3

Karuna has bought loads of toys gifts.. and says its for JM.. they spent the night together altho its 9 months early i couldnt resist as it was on sale and starts mentioning names

Jigs says you carry on dreaming i will be thinking of the names and everything.. Meera walks in [woah! some jazzy tune!] and returns a sari.

Karuna asks Meera about last night [wah the ?!?!] and jigs joins in too.. meera is silent then says..last night i found out Jai hasnt forgotten about his past..

Karuna asks hus the kabab mein haddi Etheet

Jigs is angry.. Karuna is over acting.. Jigs says she will hve to use the land lady


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2007, 31st, december, update, written

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