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Default imaginary future script confession after 1 may epi ;) Part 4 updated

Hi guys thank u so much for ur support. keeps me going. Pls do keep commenting makes me keep writing. plsssssss

so here i continue

aur ha pls koi mistake mila to let me know. am sure by now app sab ko pata chal chuka hoga my great spelling inventions. pls bata dana aur kuch na pasand aya ples feel free to let me know. thats how i can improve. plssssss


imaginary future script confession after 1 may epi

Part 2

imaginary future script confession after 1 may epi Part 2 updated

Part 3

imaginary future script confession after 1 may epi Part 3 updated

Part 4

Anjie and all stared at ridz. Why is she holding his hand.

Ridz: Di mujha apsa kuch kehana hai. Am in love.

Ridz stared at armaan and said this not noticing anyones reaction. All she saw was the love in his eyes for her.

Ridz: aur vo ladka armaan hai.

Anjie: OMG ridz mana tum hai kaha hai na tum hai is ki gulami ab nahi karna ki jaru rat. Its enough. Ab aur drama nahi.

Atul: ha bas ab gulami khatam. Aur ridzi na tum Katrina ho na hi ya saif hai. Ok tum doctor zara karka aya hai huma bhoodu banana. Uff kya ridz tum bhi iska kehana ma kya kya kar rahi ho.

Muskaan: Oh ha yaar kamal hai ab kya isna tumhai puri race ki movie ka drama karna ko kaha hai…hehehe Oh bahot maja ayaga. Ma bipasha banu gi.

Rahul: ha ha aur akshay kaun banaga.

Muskaan: chal tu bhi kya yaad rekhaga kya dil vali sa pala para tha. Tu akshay ban ja. Vasa tera sa acha hai vo. Hmmm

Atul: oh ha aur ma anil kapoor ban jata hu. Aur anjali tum meri assistant sameera. Kitna maja ayaga na.

Armaan: tum log bas karo hum sach ma ek dosra sa pyar karta hai.

Muskaan: oh kahani ma twist abhi sa agaya. Itni jaldi…kya yaar mera part to miss ho gaya

Armaan looked and rhidhima helplessly. Ufff he was angry that after all this she said infront of every one but no one wanna believe it. He squeezed ridz hand as she was still holding his. She tightened her grip on his.

Anjie: ha ab chala ridz. Kal puri karna apna race ki kahani. lets go home. Bye every one c ya 2rw.

Muskaan: ha kal bahot maja ayaga race race khelanga. Buy every one vo kya hai na mujha shopping karni paregi bipasha jasa dikhna ka liya.

They all rushed out. Leaving ridz and armaan.

Armaan still holding ridz hand.

Ridz: ya sab tum hari vaja sa hua hai. Na tum dance kehata na ya sab hota.

Armaan: meri vaja…. Sa…. na tum itna mujha tar pati na ma ya sab karta.

Ridz: oh to sari galti meri hai huh.

Armaan grabbed her in the changing room near the locker and pinned her down against the wall.

Armaan: galti to meri hai jo ma tum hai pehla hi nahi utha ka la gaya. He kissed her cheeks. Galti to meri hai jo tum hai itna din chor diya. He kissed her forehead and tugged her hair behind her ear. Galti to meri hai jo…..he was about to kiss her on lips………

Anjali: galti to meri hai jo ma nahi ya sab samjh payi.

She just appeared from no where all of sudden. Armaan and Ridz were shocked.

Ridz: Di vo ma batana vali thi….vo vo…. She was stumbling caus of her nervousness being caught red handed.

Armaan: anjali hum tum hai bata hi rehai tha ki…

Atul: ki humna socha tum log drama kar rehai ho.

All were shocked seeing atul.

Anjali and atul stared at the couple standing in front of them. Angry that how could they miss all this happening underneath there nose.

Anjali: armaan tum sach ma meri behan sa pyar karta ho na ya its another prank of urs.

Armaan: anjali tum mujha itna gira hua samjh ti ho ki ma kisi ka dil sa khalonga

He was angry caus of his image being of such a playboys one that no one actually believed he can fall in love.

Anjali: nahi vo armaan tum pehla bhi meri behaan ka…..

Armaan: us din bhi ma drama nahi kar raha tha. Ulta mera dil tute gaya tha us din.

Anjali was all shocked.

Anjali: u mean ya sab tab sa aur huma tumna bataya nahi

Atul: ha huma to laga tum dono ek doosra sa nafrat karta ho isliya ladhta ho but yaha pa to kuch aur hi chal rahha tha.

Armaan: kasa batata tum hari behan na mana kiya tha.

Every one stared at Ridz.

Ridz: Di vo ma dar gayi thi. I just wanted to be sure….

Anjali: but u could have atleast told me ridzi. Ma tuma hari behan hu. I love u I would have supported u in all. U were going through all this alone.

Anjali hugged her sis….and ridz hugged her back. With tears of happiness.

Atul: oh yaar gala mil la ab to hum sacha ma rishta dar ho gaya. Tu meri Sali ka pati…

Atul and armaan hugged up and they all laughed at his comment.

Ridz told anjali all about armaan plan to impress Dr shashant..

Anjali: no prob hum sab tum hara saath hai. Will surely impress aur vasa bhi dad ko impress karna is dam easy. Kal sa ya kam bhi shuru karta hai. to chala ridz ya ab apka majnu apko chora ga.

Ridz: nahi di vo chalta hai..

Armaan quickly interrupted giving ridz angry stare: anjali ma chor dunga.

Anjali: cool… winking back at him: u better take care of my sis and ya jaldi chor dena…. Werna dad ko impress to door jhootia khao ga.

They all laughed and made there ways…

Armaan & Ridz….in his car

Armaan staring at Ridz so happy that finally the girl of his dream is with him.

Ridz: chala

Armaan: huh kya

Ridz: mana kaha chala

Armaan: ha chalta hai itni jaldi bhi kya.

He took a right turn…..

Ridz: hmmm armaan mera ghar left pa hai…tum kaha ja raha ho

Armaan: ghar

Ridz: par yaha sa to mera ghar nahi ata

Armaan : ha kyon ki yaha sa humara ghar ata hai.

Ridz: kya…..humara ghar hmmm

Armaan: hmmm humara ab shadhi kar ka tum mera ghar ma rahogi na to phir vo humara ho jaya ga. Dumbo

Ridz: armaan dar ho jaya gi pakara jayanga

Armaan: nahi hogi…darpook

Ridz: gave him a challenging stare: oh ok so humara ghar kitni door hai..

She was going to be there first time… there home

He screeched the car.. and halted

Armaan: chala meri jaan. He carried her in his strong arms.

He showed her around….and stared at her all this while. While ridz was excited seeing such a lovely cosy house soon gona be theres.

He took some stuff from his cupboard and gave her.

Ridz: all excited “mera liya”

Armaan: chii tum naaaa.....nahi Katrina kaif ka liya

Ridz hitted him and all excitedly like a kid started unwrapping. Armaan watched her cute innocent extression as he saw her srruggling to open the gift.

It was payal..exactly the one he gave her on valentine day. She looked at it with tears in her eyes..and than at him..

Armaan: vo mana tor di thi na tum hari payal pehli vali isliya bought u a new one. He sounded all guilty and lowered his eye.

Ridz came up to him and hugged him: am sorry armaan mana tum hai bahot dard diya.

Armaan wrapped his strong arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. : "ab kabhi bhi mat chaor na. Pata hai ma pagal ho gaya tha. Samajh nahi ata tha kya karu ki tum manjao. Kya bolu ki tum mujha samjh jao ki ma tum sa kitna pyar karata hu…."

Ridz started sobbing hearing all that how much pain she has given him. He caressed her tightly pulling her closer that he could hear her heartbeat. Taking in the fragrance of her hair he inhaled and was lost in her…she reached to touch his jaw tracing her finger on his chest writing I love u forever.

He smiled at her and closed his eyes as if trying to capture the moment and never letting it past.

She putted her hand around his face and brought to hers. She laid soft kisses on his brows, his closed eyes , his cheeks and finally placed a kiss on his lips to seal there love forever…

Beep beep beep beep..

They were startled out of there moment and back to reality… it was anji calling. Ridz quickly moved out of armaan’s arm and answered the phone.

Ridz: ha di bas pahoch rahi 5 minute pa. She cutted the phone down and stared at armaan who was so in her still. She smiled and came closer to his ear.

Ridz: armaan mujha..

Armaan: ha bolona… was all mesmerized by her touches still in his dream world.

Ridz came more closer and this time screamed in his ear: "ghar jana hai jaldi "

And ran away out to the car. Armaan was all jolted out of his dream and ran behind her trying to catch up with her.

Ridz: armaan jaldi dad ka ghar pochna sa pehla u gotta drop me. Jaldi..

Armaan: badla abhi baki hai jaan.

Ridz: acha we will c… she all challenging him… ab jaldi varna ma to gayi

He speeded up his car making ridz all scared. Druu druuuuuuuuuuuu jolting her back and forth.

Ridz: ya kya kar raha ho. dhang sa chalao.

Armaan: badla hehehe basket kaha jao gi mujh sa bachka



next part will be updated on thursday. sorry guys i know before app log apni sandles nikal kar bar saya pls i let u know. vo kabab ma haddi mera assignment agaya hai. sorry but promise thursday. pakka.

Part 5
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