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Default Caste Hindus Agree to Dalits in Orissa Temple

Caste Hindus Agree to Dalits in Orissa Temple

BHUBANESWAR, ORISSA, INDIA, December 18, 2006: Backed by a High Court order, which said all Hindus, irrespective of their caste, could enter any Hindu temple, the administration on Sunday succeeded in getting those opposed to the Court's ruling to give up their position on not allowing Dalits to worship in the Jagannath temple. The rituals in the temple were resumed late on Saturday after the erstwhile king of the Kanika kingdom and interim trustee of the temple, Rabindra Narayan Bhanjdeo, visited the temple and held discussions with the opposing group. They, however, did not respond to Mr. Bhanjdeo's appeal to give up their opposition to Dalit entry into the temple. Revenue Divisional Commissioner (Central) Suresh Mohapatra and Deputy Inspector-General (Central) S. K. Upadhyaya reached the area and held a meeting with representatives from both sides and an agreement was reached. It was decided at the meeting that the nine holes on the outer wall of the temple through which the Dalits had darshan (sight) of the Deities from a distance in the past would be demolished and a new entrance would be constructed.
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