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Default BMTD: Nov 7th Written Update ***Enjoy***


gayatri asks vidya to light up some diyas as the night is abt to come....vidya says that can they celebrate diwali...gayatri says that they will celebrate it for sure...she shud light up some diyas....she wants it and so she shud obey her...

the preparations are being done....when gayatri explains the significance of choti diwali to bharat....vidya feels better after listening that....gayatri gives vidya a fruit...

vidya takes it to the doorstep and puts it there...she is abt to knock it off by her foot but stops as she sees sin standing in front of her....sagar comes and stands besides sin sporting a pleasant smile...(uff !! words fail to explain my hatred towards sagar...)

bharat seems to be happy but all others are a bit shocked and surprised....seeing that sin says that she made a very big mistake....they all are seeing her as if she shudnt have come back...but they are not to be blamed...

gayatri seems to be fed up....(priceless expression )


sagar holds her hand and tells her that this is her house...this is her family....nobody can ask any Q...nobody wud blame one can stop her from staying here....

sagar says that he knows that everybody wants many answers....balwant was asked to blame sin...police wud find that person who asked him to do so...sin is his God....(i am on the verge of quitting ) he knows that sin is not involved in his accident...and he wants that everybody shud understand this nicely....

gayatri says that she is overwhelmed to see his love for his sis...but has he forgotten his manners....sin is the daughter of this family...they care no less for who told him to doubt of each one of them...

sagar says that he just wanted to clear the doubts...gayatri says something but sin stops her and asks sagar to stop fighting....she tells sagar that she didnt want to come back but he forced her to do so...but now she wont stay here...she wud go away....she cant live here....

she is abt to go when bharat asks her to stop...but she doesnt stops

sagar in a very dramatic manner says "aapko meri kasam" (swear by me !! )


sin stops and hugs sagar...he says that they all love her alot....sin tells bharat that she cant go now....he is happy...

vidya feels upset...bharat tells sin that vidya told him that police had a misunderstanding....and that is why they arrested her....

sagar looks at vidya....bharat hugs sindura...who thinkz that she can never forget the fact that vidya is her enemy...bigget enemy....

in the morning....sagar is talking to the pandit on the phone...he hangs up when vidya comes and asks if he was talking to a pandit...

sagar says that he want to have a pooja for sin...she is facing a tough time and so he is doing it....who can blame her....sin is like his mother....she has brought him up just like a mother...(and what abt your real mother !! she didnt do you even talk to her....ohh i am sorry you are very busy saying that sin is your God....ahhhh !! )

sin comes in the room and sees what aniket has written...he has written 'save me'

PRECAP- sin tells vidya that she wud make sagar drink a glass of milk which wud contain poison...if she can save him...she has the opportunity !!

Credit: sur
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