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Default Written Update: 28th Nov

durga is at home looking at her sisters photos/ soni comes and feels bad for her. she goes to her ans say that she can inderstand her pain cuz she has also lost a ssister and everybody is with her right now. durga tells her tat she does not want her supprt or fasle sysmpathy. jsut then cherry comes and says tells durga she is with her also and what can she do for her. durga tells her that her voice is soothing enuf and makes her sit with her she say that she cherry is a sweet girl . cherry tells her soni must understand her better since she has been living with her but durga says that people need not be living together for along time to understand each other. jeet comes also and takes the opportunity to taunt soni as well. he sasy that people who shoe false sympathy do not go very far in life. durga says that she will fix a date for their wedding very soon and they shud talk about the rest of it their room and all 3 leave soni and go

shbd is sick and sitting in his chair staring away.TT read mahis letter which says that she had to go away but cannot offer any explaination at this time. she *** them to take care of shabd and soni. tayiji cannot believe that mahi wud leave her sick husband behind but tayaji remind her that mahi did not knwo about shabds sickness and she had been upset in the last few days. he says that they do not know why she left but he is sure that will come back

sonoi is playing with simran when she gets the call about mahi. she runs out with her and tells DD and durga about mahi's dissappearence and tells DD to take her there. DD gives simran to durga and leaves with soni. cvherry and jeet come ther and cherry asks about mahi and durga tell her that she ran away leaving her sick husband and this shows that she comes form a low family. cherry cannot belv that mahi wud do that but durga tells her not to think that everyone is as nice as her.

soni reaches sareen house and goes to talk to shabd. she keeps askinh about mahi but he doesnt say anythng and keeps staring. TT come and tell her that he wont say anything cuz he is sick and in shock. soni says that she knew things were not well betn them but did not knwo that they are so bad. she starts crying and keeps asking where mahi is. DD tkaes her away

soni comes home and looks at mahis photos and asks why she left her. lovely comes there and soni tells her that mahi was her maayka and even she left her. lovely tells her that mahi left her house and not soni and she has taken soni with her in her heart. she says that she is certain that mahi will come back for soni. cherry comes there looking or her phone and sees soni crying. she tells her that she feels bad for her sister but have faith and everything will be fine. she asks if she wants her to sit with her but soni tells her that she is fine and cherry leaves. lovely tells soni that durga has a done one right thing by choosing chery and she will be good for their house and soni agrees

precap: soni sasy that they shud wait for veer to come back but jeet tell her veer did not wait for him to come and he got the biggest surprise of his life on comeing back so let veer also get the biggest surprise of his life after coming back
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28th, nov, update, written

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