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Default Saath Phere - 2nd April Written Update

Story starts with Saloni telling Jiji that Saloni won’t sign the papers….she says that she is Jiji’s nani when it comes to playing these games and Jiji won’t be able to get rid of her that easy. Jiji gives her a Jawab, reminding her that she is nothing but dust and she brought her into the house, then Chirmi retorts saying that “yea you did, now everyone thinks I am saloni, so if you tried bringing out the truth I will take you down with me! I can always go back to my old life, but what about you Madam Ji, what will happen to you?”

Saloni comes back to Babho and Tara and consoles them that she refused signing those papers, and Jiji can’t make Chirmi helpless as she is too strong for Jiji and now we just have to watch and see what Jiji will do about this.

Urv is thinking about ways to get Chirm to sign the papers, Veer walks in asking what the problem is. Jiji says nothing but I have a bad headache. Veer says you are ignoring your health trying to take care of me. He insists she go to have breakfast with him and she tells him to go ahead and she will come soon. She thinks blackmailing her back as exposing her infront of everyone. She goes and searches Saloni’s room for something. (im guessing the photo?) She comes across some paper in black folder.

Back in the living room:

Everyone is chatting about things. Urv comes down saying that she is missing some details before the lawyer finalizes the papers. She asks Saloni/Chirmi about her education and what is her highest degree and where did she study? Saloni answers back M.A. in history and from Rajisthan University. She then says why is she asking such weird questions and says that she will go bring Tea for everyone and asks if Jiji wants a cup of masala tea?

Jiji & Chirmi Encounter (in Saloni’s room)

Chirmi is surprised that Jiji was asking her all those questions. She provokes Jiji saying that she you can ask me anything and I will Jiji asks “how many marks did Saloni get in her exams?” Saloni says well no one will know there marks after this long but Chirmi knows! She replies and also says Just because you didn’t teach me doesn’t mean I haven’t learned! Remember “Mirchi se bhi thej hai Chirmi!” Jiji now starts bargaining with her saying she will give her double the money and please sign the papers. Chirmi tells her that shes not a fool and she wont settle that Jiji is taking all the money and she gets few pennies.

Saloni's Maayka

Kaveri is thinking about the picture saying how pale Saloni turned when she showed her the picture. She wants to solve the riddle and says there is some problem with this picture! Shes playing with the photo and she sees a studio name on the back ! Shes like I will get all the info about this picture and Saloni’s relations to it!

Neel’s Kitchen (what a pleasant surprise!)

Neel is cooking in his kitchen and he gets a txt from Nishi saying her dad’s health isn’t so great ,can you come to the hospital please? Nishi’s dad is on a hospital bed with mask on. Neel wants to know what happened all of a sudden. Nishi says that he has been feeling short of breath for a while but he hasn’t told anyone anything and this happened. Nishi says she feels very lonely without Neil. He tells her to stay strong for her parents..Uncle will get better and I have full faith in Dr.Nishi!

At Chirmi’s Village:

Urv comes to visit Chirmi’s husband at his hut. Urv says your wife has gone nuts and wont sign the papers, you need to make her understand…but he sides with Chirmi and says he wont disrespect Ghar ayyi Lakshmi. Later that night, Chirmi’s husband knocks on the Singh mansion door and Saloni opens. He tells her that that witch has taken his children! Please save them! I have done as you wanted.

Precap: 2 gundas holding gun on Nahar, who is dressed as a villager. (Im guessing he was there to rescue the kids? )

Pretty good episode! Must watch it J

credit serenna
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