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Default 'I will miss Shilpa Anand a lot' – Karan Singh Grover

Chocolate boy Dr. Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover talks about Sukriti Khandpal as Dr.Riddhima and also gets nostalgic when asked about Shilpa Anand and shares some of his past experiences right here...

The handsome hunk Karan Singh Grover has carved a name for himself in the viewers’ heart playing the very hip-hop intern Dr. Armaan in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye, where his on screen chemistry with Shilpa Anand aka Riddhima has been one of the highs of the serial.

But now, as Shilpa Anand makes way for Sukriti Khandpal to play the new Riddhima, Karan talks about his amazing rapport with Shilpa and the level of comfort that he is now giving Sukriti…

You are now going to be paired with a new Riddhima, Sukriti Khandpal. How does it feel?

Well, I am trying to adjust and also trying my best to make Sukriti as comfortable as I can. In fact I spoke to her and told her that we have to keep the intensity of the show high and probably take it higher. My main agenda as of now is to make her comfortable on the sets and make her feel that she is part of our big family. I just do not want her to feel left out.

Are you going to miss Shilpa Anand on the sets?

Well, as Karan I will definitely miss Shilpa a lot as we have almost been living together shooting in Kanjurmarg for long hours everyday. I think in the last one year, I have spent more time with Shilpa than anybody else. But as Dr.Armaan, I feel that I have got a new Dr. Riddhima and I am very happy about it.

Are you all planning to give Shilpa a farewell party?

Yes, Shilpa had thought of throwing a farewell party at her home but since her close friend is not keeping well, we have not had time for that. But I am sure when her friend is fit and fine, we will have a blast!!

Do you think the show will have similar TRP’s with Sukriti coming in?

To be very honest and frank, I try and keep myself away from the TRP game. As an actor, I feel that I should give my 100% and live up to people’s expectations.

How important is your co-actor for you?

If it was a one person show, then the co-actor wouldn’t have made much difference, but in a love story like Dill Mill Gayye, my co-star becomes very important. My whole acceptance with the audience depends on the co- actor. It was Shilpa and I sharing the burden on our shoulders before, now it is up to me and Sukriti to keep our fans at the edge of their seats. I am very confident she will be liked by everyone.

We heard that your girlfriend Shraddha Nigam was to take up the role of Dr. Riddhima. Is there any truth to it?

Well, it’s true that she was considered. I am bit disappointed that Shraddha didn’t take it, but when it comes to decisions like these, it is not just me and Shraddha to decide. There are lots of people who have to approve of this casting. In fact I and Shraddha would love to work together. I think it will be great if in any future shows, we both get the opportunity to work together. I really miss her because I am not able to give much time for her. But I make it a point that after pack-up everyday, I rush home to see her for 10 minutes and then go to sleep!!! (Blushes)
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