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Default ar love story part 14

art 14!

and dey saw priya's mom on the floor and blood coming out from her tummy and knife was der cuz she was killed!! and she was killed real bad!!

ridzz hid priya in her tummy that she could not see it!! and she started crying!!

priya- didi mama ko kya hua hai??

ridzz crying- kuch nahi hua hai mama ko chalo bahaar!!

ridzz shouted and crying- armaan!!

armaan- kya hua ro kyun rahi ho?

ridzz- chalo!!mere saath!

armaan- par kaha!!

ridzz- just chalo!!

armaan- riddhima yeh toh bataaao hum jaa kaha rahe hai? and den she took him in the room! and den ammy was so shocked!!!and den he hugged riddhima cuz she was crying!! and den vishal and naina came inside!!

vishal- yeh sab kya hai!! and den naina started crying cuz she saw a same accident in her childhood and dat was her aunt!! and den vishal tried to hold her but he cudnt den naina suddenly hugged him!!and he pampered her!!!

and den everybody came in wid priya and the panchayat!

panchayat crying!- yeh sab kaise hua!!

priya- yeh sab kya ho raha hai!!

panchayat- kuch nahi beta tum bahaar jaao and den he went out wid priya and everybody went out!!

ridzz- i dont understand unke pet mein chaaku tha!!that unka murder hua hai!!

naina- par koi unka murder kyun karega!!

vishal- i know i mean unke waise koi relation ho to its possible!!

armaan- welll kuch keh nahi sakte!!

panchayat came near them!!- mamsahaab aap priya ke saath andar gai toh uske pehla koi cheekh suni thi?

ridzzz- naih parr..... haaa!! ek aadmi gaya tha par

woh muu chupa chupake gaya tha aur phir mujhe ek check up ke liye jaana tha!!!toh mein toh chali gai aur phir koi aas paas tha bhi nahi!!!toh isiliye kisine koi cheeekh nahi suni!!

panchayat- ab mein kya karungs woh uski bacchi chod gai aur khud chali gai!!! and den he kneeled on his knees!!

naina- aapko himaat rakhni padegi aap nahi rakhenge toh kon rakhega!! and den dey went in der homes!!

in the cottage!!

and dey could not find vishal!!

naina- yeh vishal kaha hai?

ridz-i knoe kitni der se mil raha!

armaan- huh waise bhi accha hai ki woh nahi hai!! and den ridddhima pinched him!!!

riddhima- shut up!!

armaan- par mene kya kiya huh!! aur waise bhi naina ke saath uski date nahi thi!1

naina- uh oh!!!! i m so dumb!! woh waha pe wait kar raha guys i m dead i gtg byee and ran out of the cottage!!

ridzz laughing- yeh dono pagal ho gyae hai!!hai na!! and dne she turned around and saw him sleeping!!! in the plate!! !!

riddhima holded his face- armaan yeh kya kar rahe ho!!!

armaan sleeping- tum plzz mujhe sone do na plzz!!!

ridzz- yeh but room mein and den he kept his fingers on her lips!!and went to sleep ok!!

wid vishal

vishal- yeh naina kab aayegi!! par aayegi zaroor!!mujhe yeh kya kehte hai...........haan!! mujhe vishwaas hai ke woh aayegi!!and den suddenly

naina- i m so sorry i m late!!

vishal went near her!- its ok! mein wait kar raha tha!

naina- kyun?

vishal- kyunki...kyunki..

naina lost in him- kyun? tum wait kyun kar rahe the?

vishal- kyunki and went real close to her......and they had a wonderful romantic time!! but just for 2 mins!! den naina came in reality and ran away1! when vishal asked her if she liked him or not!

in the cottage wid ar!!

riddhima and armaan were watching tv for lik past half an hour!! and den ridzz streched!

riddhima- armaan mein sone jaa rahi hoon!!

ammy- theek hai

ridzz- tum aare rahe ho?

ammy- nahi mein thodi der baad mein aaunga

ridzz- ok and den she went inside and den she changed she was wearing a spaghetti white top nylon type! and a knee till pant!! which was also white!!and ammy was wearing a full kinda loose white shirt!! and usually all d buttond open but it only had four buttond but he was outside!!

after a half an hour-

and ammy was surfing through channels and d song aaja nachle was coming up and u know the first thing dey show is her feet with payal!! and when he saw dat he remembered the payal scene from 19 feb and he thought something!! and he ran into his room and got something out of his bag which was tha payal!!....

_____________________EPISODE ENDS______________________

what do u guys think he is gonna do just lay it their or wat?
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