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Default karans interview


Is ZND more important for you than DMG, because it has originally made you one of the most wanted television stars?

“Both are important as in DMG and now Zara Nach Ke Dikha as because of my role as Dr.Armaan gave me the statues of Mr. Super Cool.”

Who is a better actor in Riddhima's role - Shilpa or Sukirti?

Sukriti needs time to get in to the role Riddhima.

You have a brother and he is a singer. Is it true?

Yes. He is singer ... during his early days he used to have a small band and I was also a part of that band though now he is working in a bank.

How is your experience with Shweta in ZND? If you are given a chance to replace Shweta then with whom would you like to replace Shweta with?

She is fantastic and so with ZND one more friend is added in my friends list. She is an awesome co-host and an awesome friend. She is a lot of fun. She is always supportive and helpful. We get along really well. I feel like I am paired up with a friend. It is really nice. I think no one can replace Shweta.

When will you marry Riddhima in Dil Mil Gaye?

I have no clue! First I want to impress Dr.Shashank then only I will get married to his daughter.

How close to you find yourself to Dr. Armaan?

Hmm quite interesting as Dr.Armaan is lovable and caring so am I with Shraddha. He also loves his profession so there are lots of similarity between Karan and Dr.Armaan.

Many contestants from the boys' team in Zara… have repeatedly felt that the judges Malaika and Chunky give wrong judgments?

I don't think the judges are biased but the judge's job is a bit difficult. Whatever they feel, they mark accordingly. We have to stay calm, value and honour the judge’s decision. So I would say that the boys reacted like any other contestant would but overall its game.

What are your hobbies?

Watching movies sometimes if its A good movie then I go with Shraddha and if not then watching films on my DVD player.

Who is funnier? Ali Asgar or Chaitanya Choudhary?

Ali Asgar, he is fantastic and Chaitanya is not at all funny but he is a good performer and dancer too.

Now, the competition has come into its final stage... what’s your take on it?

Very tough, lets see who will be winning as Meethi Churi Ladkiyaan will work hard to defeat my Tez Talwar Ladke.

Having a degree in catering, so do you cook for Shraddha?

No, that is one of her biggest complaints! I don't get time to cook but I have promised her that I will soon cook for her. On the contrary, she has cooked for me a couple of times.

Is Shilpa, old Riddhima coming back in DMG?

No she is not coming back.
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