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Default ‘Cash’ On with Riteish Deshmukh in Roobaroo!!

‘Cash’ On with Riteish Deshmukh in Roobaroo!!


Roobaroo is full of Surprises this week as Riteish hosts the show! A court case happening on sets, Parleen being the accused!


This Week’s Roobaroo has many unexpected things happening!! The ever-punctual Mini came late! All the contestants teamed up against Parleen and accused him of upstaging them with his performances. In the absence of Mini, a person completely unconnected with Indian Idol who happened to be in the vicinity stepped in to host the show and bring some order to the chaos and ended up playing judge to the case in question! The young man happens to be Riteish Deshmukh.


Parleen was attacked from all sides. He was accused of concentrating on his performances rather than singing. He was accused of using his nose to 'khatarnak' advantage. He was also accused of having "the upper hand" while singing! If all this seems a bit far-fetched to you, it seemed so to Riteish Deshmukh too, who decided to hear both sides of the case and play a fair and handsome judge! Parleen's case was in good hands… he had Ankita and Abhishek on his side as defense lawyers while Deepali and Puja got on his case. What ensued was a free for all debate on performances and singing and dancing .


At the end of it all, Riteish endorsed Parleen's viewpoint and in the strangest scene ever witnessed in a court of law the judge and the accused broke into song and dance! Parleen was soon followed by Emon, Amit, Prashant and Chang as all shook a leg with Riteish who in true gentlemanly fashion took turns to dance with all the girls on the show. Ankita’s track-record still remains cent percent as she managed to make Riteish too dance to her tunes.


Catch Riteish talk about his forthcoming film ‘Cash’ which heralds a song picturized in one single take! Last but not the least, the stick fell on Mini as Riteish commented that he sports a strange hairstyle in the film but not as strange on Mini’s!!

It was a special day for some young people from Prerna, an NGO that works for underprivileged children. They not only got to meet Riteish but also hear him sing. The contestants too obliged the young guests by sing songs on request.

Do not miss the fun, laughter, song and dance session with Ritesh Deshmukh on Roobaroo tonight on Indian Idol at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.
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