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Default Kasam Se - 28th April brief written update

The episode starts with Ganga painting and Jai calls her.. Jai says i always worry, i am your father afterall and asks if she is still upset about the ladke wale thing.

Jai asks her if she ever gets bored, all she does is paint, she should go out with Krishna and meera, Ganga says you taught me everything, i cant do anything without you.

And then she gets serious and says why do u always think i am sad, i am really happy, i dnt have to go out to smile, i have you.. and Jai says i am the happiest father i have you as my daughter. Jai says i dnt have to worry about you, your always one the right path. And then says he will talk to ppl about her paitings tomrw.

Someone calls Jai for pooja and the convo is cut short.

Pronita and Rano get off the train, Jai does Bani's Barsi.. as Pronita steps down.. the wind picks up speed and JW feels weird..

Water is somehow thrown on the fire for the pooja Jai is shocked and the pandit has a mini heart attack of his own

Jai says i feel you are near me Bani. Rano calls Jai and tells him that the train came late so she kinda came late and says i will register the paintings and then go to the house. Jai tells Rano about the pooja

Jai tells Rano hes gna go to the kali ma mandir.

Pronita appears and gives Rano some books.. Rano tells Pronita that shes gna admit the paintings, Pronita says shes goin to Kali mandir.

They go their own way, you can tell they feel somthing. (KS tune in the backgrounds)

Rano says this novel was once gifted to me by Bani, now Pronita.

Pronita is in the taxi on her way to the mandir and talks about how cold it is, and tlks to the driver sayin its the 1st times shes come here.

However she starts to hear things, screaming and tells him to stop the car and tells him a short cut. and the driver says how do u know abt the short cut? (he was planning on ripping her off! )

As they go thru the short cut, Pronita tells the driver the way to go, shes shocked aswell as the driver that she knws the way (sorry im finding this amusin)

Part 2 - Gosh the adverts are taking forever today

Pronita gets out the taxi and walks to a place (woah she reminded me of PD for a sec)

shes come to the MT Abu house, (taxi wala is just there, whilst Pronita looks like shes gna faint any second! )

When she touches the house she hears all the convosation of the house, has flashabacks of all three sisters (WOW! they are speedin this process)

Woh asha hain abhilasha (?) plays and Pronita walks off...

Then a lady runs infront of her and Pronita thinks of the time where Bani was burnt alive and hears Meera's voice when she sung to AW

Part 3

Pronita is infront of the Kali Ma temple. (where JW is at i think) she walks to it.. all diyas are there, like its just for her, looks nice. She hears a baby crying and Meera's singing and Bani beggin meera to leave her child.

Everyone is clapping and really into the pooja. Pronita is looking about and see's Bani's face and almost everything in negatives tho.

She says to Kali ma, theres a reason you have called me here. Jai is infront of her and shes in shock... She remembers JW with two children... and she looks likes gna faint. She asks whats the reason i am here, why do i feel i am alive.. why? when will i meet my life.

And finally she faints in JWs Arms. Jai looks shocked.
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28th, april, kasam, update, written

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