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Default Banoo Mai Teri Dulhann - 28th March 08 written update

March 28 ’ 08 Ind Written update

Divya opens the gate to the haveli, and Amar follows. She asks Amar who the owner is, and Amar says it is him, from another birth. He tells he says that to Chintoo also. Divya grabs Amar's shawl and runs. Amar tells her she has become too natkhat, and runs after her in the haveli. Divys goes through the rooms and calls for Amar. Amar on the other hand feels a snese of memory and for a while sees the room as it was 20 yrs ago. He feels he saw it clean, and in every room his memory tingles with familiarity. He calls out for Divya, who has walked back out. He finds a red shawl in one of the cabinets, and dust it. He walks out to the balcony, and calls out to Divya. He calls her Madamji, and throws her the shawl, which falls on her head like a dulhann.

Divya smiles happily, but Amar is reminded of the memory when Saagar threw it on Vidya and hears a name in his memory, Vidya. He calls out Vidya's name, and Divya is worried.

Amar is wondering who Vidya is, and why her name came to her. He comes down, and Divya asks her why did he call her Vidya. He says he didn't, he must have said Divya. Divya says that everyone in Delhi called her Vidya. She says maybe she was Vidya in her early birth, and laughs it off as a joke.

Samrat is angry that Divya is gone out with Amar, and he's stuck here. Kamna comes to ask for laundry, and Kamna questions why he is worried. Samrat looks at her and tells her that she usually isn't worried. She says not to say that, and that she always is concerned about him. Samrat thanks her, and as usual flirts with her.

Amar and Divya have finished shopping, and Divya sees a gol guppa stand, and is curious and wants to taste. Amar says that she won't be able to handle it, and they place a bet that of one loses the other has to do what the other says. Divya eats but is overwhelmed by the flavor, but doesn't give up, and eats more. Amar tells her that she is going to have stomach aches, but she continues, and then later tells Amar that it was tasty. She tells him whenever she spends time with him, she always laughs. She loves spending time with him.

Chachi is taking Kamna to the jewlery store, and Sindoora asks Samrat to go with her instead. In the jewlery store Samrat makes Kamna try the payal, and ties it for her. The jewelry man mistakes them for husband and wife. Samrat doesn't correct him. He pays for the payal, and Kamna thanks him.

Divya is in pain from the gol guppas and Amar's mom scolds him. Divya says she is in pain and lost the bet also. She tells him to claim his bet but he says later. Amar's mom says she will go make some medicine. Divya misses her Dai Mom, and Amar places his arm on hers to console her. Divya is touched.

Amar sits down next to her, and tells her that in Benares, everyone is like family, and for her it is nothig, as she is his...He is unable to say, and both Divya and Amar look at each other. Amar smiles and changes the topic saying that he will be here only till she gets alright. He ask her to take rest, and rubs his pam gently on her forehead. He tells her he will tell her stories of Benares, and Divya says no she want hear Amar Guide's story. He laughs and starts telling her the story, all the while he continues to rub his palm against her forehead. Bindiya comes in and is upset watching, but doesnt interrupt them.

At Singh mansion Kamna thanks Samrat again. He tells her that a wife never thanks her husband. Kamna blushes and leaves, and Samrat is happy that he is trapping Kamna. Sindoora watching thinks that it feels good, and when people become pawns according to her wishes. She asks Chandra what is the update on Benares situation, and Chandra tells her that they have foud out that Divya is staying with a guide named Amar, who usually can be found at the station every morning, but from a past few days hasn't shown up.

Sindoora asks Chandra to tell her men to call up Amar, and under some pretense find out where they live. Chandra gets a call and is shocked.


Sindoora reads an article in the paper that questions her position for candidacy in the political field.

credit: wafah
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