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Default BDMT: 21st Nov written update


sagar is discussing his kid with shalu, chinu and sameer...when vidya comes and sits besides him...bharat asks what does sagar want...a boy or a girl....sagar says that he wants a baby girl...and her name wud be sanvi...

he then asks the same Q to vidya...she says that whatever he wants is her choice also....gayatri says that a mother a cant choose...thats not a valid Q...

he asks vidya to rest....everybody go out...chinu and shalu are in the corridor...they decide to walk slowly and quietly otherwise chachi wud catch them...but then chachi is standing right in front of their room....

she says that shalu wud stay with her in her room...chinu says that she is his wife and she will stay with him....chachi falls down and the duo go inside their room...

in the night...harsh decides to talk to mahuah....he enters her room...but chandra is sleeping on the bed...she gets up and asks what is he doing here....mahuah comes and says that he must be looking for her and that is why he came here...

both chandra and harsh go out....but harsh says that he wud come after drinking water...and so chandra goes and harsh goes inside mahuah's room...


he asks why is she irritating him...mahuah says that she is doing the right thing...and he has to understand that...harsh says that now he just has one way...he wud go and tell everything to sagar....

in the morning...sagar asks vidya to eat salad..his cell rings and he goes away....sin says that she wud serve the salad to vidya....

she 1st puts papaya and then guava...then she gives it to vidya....shalu wonders where did all the pieces of papaya go...after a while she asks vidya to stop as the salad contains papaya....

sagar comes and asks what happened...shalu says that vidya told her that papaya can be harmful for the kid...sagar asks vidya what is she doing...

he asks who served papaya....chinu says that he didnt serve...sin served...sagar asks how can she do such a big mistake...she shudnt repeat this mistake now...


gayatri says that he only says that sin is beyond any Q..and now he is talking like that...sagar tells vidya that he wud take care of her food...

sin comes inside sagar's room and asks for forgiveness...sagar says that he is sorry..he was very rude...sin says that she understands...he was even disturbed by the call he received...sagar says that he got some evidences regarding his accident...vidya was right...someone is there who wants to kill him...sin asks who is he/she...sagar says that he cudnt find that...

gayatri and vidya are talking...gayatri says that their hard work payed off...sagar was very angry on sindura...this way...after a while they wud expose sindura...

sin thinkz that situations cant get worse, she has to do something....she keeps a bowl of soup near aniket's hand and goes into hiding...

aniket picks up that bowl with the other hand and keeps it aside...sin thinkz that one thing is for sure that aniket is acting in front of her...he is actually getting better

PRECAP- sin pours oil on the stairs and vidya is coming down...

Credit: Sur
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