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Default Written Update 17th October 2008

Part 1: Divya is talking on the phone with a designer for the wedding and Bharat is walking by about to tell her the truth. Divya asks what color Sherwani would you prefer black or maroon. Bharat says maroon. Amar comes down the stairs and tells Bharat that the land that we liked is now available and they have to leave in the morning. Mahua jokes that we plan for the wedding and you get to have all the fun. Amar says that I wish I could help, I am leaving in the morning so if I can help even a little I will. Amar asks Bharat what he wants a car, house, clothes. Divya asks Aditi why she is standing so quietly then she takes her inside the room and gives Aditi her "Shadi Ka Joda" and explains that she never had a sister she had a brother she wasn't able to talk to and Aditi is like her sister. Aditi hugs Divya and crys and thinks that Diyva loves her like a sister but their relation is nothing but a lie.

Aditi is laying on her bed and then they show her getting out of her bed and going to her old house. She sees flashbacks of Karan. Aditi sees someone and when the person gets closer she sees it is Karan

Part 2:

Aditi runs to the door and she is trapped by Karan. Then Aditi wakes up crying Bharat tells her that she had a nightmare. Bharat brings her a glass of water and "Besbasi Dard Ka Alam" plays in the back ground while Bharat tries to calm Aditi down. Then Bharat goes to sleep on the futon and has flashbacks of Him and Aditi.

Part 3:

Divya is looking for Amar's muffler. Amar says that forget about the muffler. Divya say you will get a cold and then she finds the muffler. Amar says lets spend sometime together before I leave. Divya goes to pack something to eat for Amar. Amar is irratated with Divya for not spending time for him. Amar says that I won't leave if you don't want me to Divya says that you have to leave it is for bussiness. Then Divya says that Bade Papa said something he wanted to send something. Amar says that he didn't have to say anything.Divya goes to ask Aniket what he needed. Now Amar is even more irratated that Divya isn't spening time with him. When Divya comes back he says that do you have anything else to do. Divya says that I have to pray to Shambunath. Divya goes to pray and half way throught Amar leaves and goes downstairs he takes Ashirwad from everyone and when he hugs Bharat, Bharat is thinking that when Amar comes back he will be disapointed because Bharat will have told Divya that he isn't really married to Aditi.

So Bharat says sorry Amar thinks he is saying sorry for not coming on the bussiness trip. Divya's pooja is done and she sees that Amar is not in the room and she goes downstairs and she finds out that Amar has already left.

Pre-cap: Divya is praying to hear Amar's voice because she wants to know that he is OK.
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17th, 2008, october, update, written

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