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Default Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka-8th JULY 08 UPDATE

here is the update:-

It's night time and soni is not able to sleep. She keeps getting flashbacks of veer and she goes sits in the living room thinking of veer. She starts weeping when she gets flashback of veer.

Next morning everyone is in the living room all ready to go to amritsar. Jeet and soni come downstairs and jeet's dad makes sure that all the doors are locked. Mahi, shabd, angad and kamiya come there as well along with mahi's mother. Mahi's mother is not going to amritsar though. Everyone leave and durga asks soni to come as well. Soni tells her not to worry because when she comes back in this house, it'll be the same. They all leave for amritsar.

Everyone is in amritsar and they go in the temple. They all take blessings and at the end, soni comes to take blessings. Jeet is standing and some guy tells him to take the blessings with his wife. Soni also gets flashbacks of her and veer coming to the temple to take blessings.

Everyone is eating at the temple now and taking a tour. Angad is watching mahi and she looks at him weird. Shabd comes there and she goes away with shabd. Everyone is now going to their rooms in the hotel. Angad's room is next to mahi and shabd's. He tells them both that our room is next to each other so we can come in each other's room anytime. Mahi looks disturbed with his comment. Kamiya tells him that dont be naughty and her room is next to angad as well, so she'll be keeping an eye on him. They go in their room and angad stares at mahi going in her room.

Next episode promo: Mahi is getting something out of the car and someone comes from behind and puts his hand on mahi's mouth. He drags her in the parking lot. Face wasn't shown.


credit: komlika
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