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Default ar love story part 3

hey guys i m here wid d next part dis part is realli good guys!!and sorry for d late updat!

part 3

wen dey reached d fire place no one was der and ridzz was still on ammy's shoulders and wen dey just turned dey saw dr.keerti on dr.shubhanker's shoulders and seeing dat keerti to shubh and riddhima to armaan quietly OH OH!!!! and den ammy and shubh both kept both their gurls down!! and den shubh said aap log itni raat mein aur who bhi yahan and den armaan interrupted dare dare tha sir raat ke dare!! and phir hum log ne yaha fire dekhi to dekh ne aaye the bas aur kuch nahi!!! and den ridhima asked keerti aur aap shubh sir ke saath hmmmm........ and den evrybdy started laughing!!!hhehehehhehh.... and den shubh said i mean u two i never ever thought of it!! i mean dont take me wrong but i m kinda shocked!!! aniways its alrite!! hmmm and riddhima and armaan ran towards der tent! den dey made their ways!!!

wid keerti and shubh!!!

keerti- shubhanker tumhe nahi lagta armaan and riddhims make a great pair!!

shubh- i knoe!!

keerti- and we make a great pair too hehheeh and dey both laughed!!! and den keerti kept her head on his shoulders and d scene shifted to ar!!

armaan- aaj toh chori un logo ki pakda hi gai!!! keerti shubhanker ka pyaar! hhahaha

riddhima- shut up hamari bhi toh pakda gai na huh aniways so tum logo ne juice mein hi mixing kyun ki thi kuch air nahi mila!!1 huh!! and did a tough look on him!!1

armaan- yea abt dat y cant we just stop talkin abt dat huh!!! plezzzzz plezzzzz!!!

riddhima- alrite!!! in a doubting look

armaan- u knoe i wonder y cant we tell evrybdy dat we r on!! huh y not!!!

riddhima- bcuz jab hum unhe kahenge toh un sab ko heart attack aa jayega and dat i dont want!!!...... and dey both laughed!!! and den armaan was in ridz's lap and ridz was brushing his hair and dey were talkin abt babies.... dat how his nose will be and and den armaan stood up frm her lap and he kept her hair behind her ears! den he went closer to her and den she went near him by her neck and den armaan kept his passionate lips on hers and deir first kiss aaawh!!..... while dat time armaan's hands were on her neck and hers on his hairs!!! and den he kissed her neck!!! but ridz dint feel rite!! abt wat was happening and armaan saw it on her face and he stopped dat he dint want do anything against her wish!!

armaan- lets just pretend that this never happened!!!

ridzz- better..

and dey talked wen she danced on zara zara touch me song!!

and den aftr dat it was 9 in d morning and den evrybdy got fresh and den like dis 4 days passed and dey had loads of fun!!!!! and den dey had to go back to mumbai! and den dey were packing and while riddhima and armaan just kept looking at each other.... and den dey got settled and dey kept their luuggage in d car and dey were off to their way!!!!! and asusual ridz was sitting beside ammy!!! and den ridzz got sleep and she kept her head on ammy's shoulders and den ammy was so schocked though happy a lot.... and dey finally reached and ridz and anji were d first one to go home and dey reached deir house and dey both took their luggage out of the car and told bye to everyone and while dey were going ridhdima gave a flying kiss to ammy but no one saw it... and den just wen dey entered!! dr.shashank was standing der and he asked dem!!

shashank- soooooo..... how was d trip!!

ridz and anjali-huh!!! hmmm it was pretty good!! i mean we had a lot fun....

shashank-well den go get fresh and go to sleep get sum rest cuz u guys have to go to sanjeevani tomorrrow!!! and anji and ridzz were so happy!! and said yes!!! and den dey were changed and ate der dinner and den anji and ridzz were on deir beds and ridzz was thinking of ammy!! and deir past moments and anji was on her cell phone and den suddenly a messege came on ridz's cell from ammy saying that hieeeeee look out from your window!!! plzzzz plzzzz and den she went to her window and der she saw ammy standing wid his car! and while she was seeing der anji said ridzz waha kya dekh rahi ho huh and den ridzz said kuch nahi bas aisa hi khadi thi!! u knoe mujhe bahut pyass lag rahi hai!!! mein abhi aai!!! and den she runned to d back door of d house!1 and den shashank was sititng on d couch and saw her running and asked!!

shashank- beta kaha jaa rahi ho??

ridzz- kuch nahi papa bas walk ke liye!!1

shashank- par abhi aur bhaag bhaag kar kyun jaa rahi ho??? well yea u can go continued to his work!!

an dden she runned opened d door and runned to ammy but luukin at her dad!!!

ridzz were scared- armaan tum yaha kya kar rahe plzzzz jaaaoo!!! plzzz phone pe baat karenge plzz!!

armaan- par itni jaldi kyun hai!!!!

ridzz- jaldi bahut jaldi plzz jaao showing him a gesture!!

ammy- ok jaa raha hu par cell pe baat karenge huh u promised!!! and den kissed her and while dat was going on anjali saw everything from d window!! and was so shocked but she was happy abt ridzz dat she was happy with ammy and smiled!!!

and den ammy leaved and den ridz entered d house and went in her room and anjali was sarcasticly sleeping!1 and ridz went to her bed and kept the blanket on her face and hid her cell phone and den she texted ammy hmmmmmm pahonchgaye??

and seeing dis ammy smiled and called her and den d ringtone in her cell ringed and den she answered d phone

ridz whispering- hello!!

ammy- huh cant hear ya!!

ridz- helllooo phone kyun kiya!!! huh!!!

ammy- arre kyun mein tumhe call nahi kar sakta huhh!!

ridzz- nahi kar sakte ho but not now an den shashank came in to tell dem goodnight!! and ridzz kept her cell on d table but d call was still on and he knew dat sumfin was weird so he dint speak anifin!! and he heard dr. shashank speaking!!

shashank- beta u still up now go to sleep yes dad bas sone hi wali thi par kuch kaam tha toh yea night dad!! and he left..... an dden ammy and ridzz kept talkin till the midnight....

______________________EPISODE ENDS___________________
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