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Default 20th Feb Dil Mil Gaye Written Update

armaan realises tht its muskaan...rahul is shocked 2 see them like this, armaan is shocked..rahul says i dint knew tht u n muskaan...armaan interupts n says its nothing like tht...muskaan leaves...rahul ask armaan y uwant 2 meet atul? armaan says its none of ur business...@ home armaan is doing pushups n he remembers ridz ...he imagines tht ridz is there....asmaani is being played.... armaan sits n calls ridz... ridz taps her payal....armaan n ridheema share sum romantic moments ridz says i love n then stops armaan is wht next, ridz says i m not in a mood 2 tell... armaaan sleeps !!

next day @ sanjeevani arman is in locker room n listen payal beat he cums out 2 see ridz n says thank God its u ..ridz says u were expecting sum 1 else.... anjali cums there atul brings news paper n armaan reads sum poetry its for ridz...armaan reads it n gets jealous... armaan says s\who wrote this? ridz thinks its armaan but its not armaan....rahul cums there, anjali says who could b ....who wrote this? rahul smiles ...atul ask armaan who could b this person its from sanjeevani or sum 1 else.... rahul opens his locker n smiles n looks @ ridz, anjali gets pager she leaves...armaan thinks who could b d1 who did this!! armaan meets goppu n tell him i took decision tht i will not fight with ridz...goppu says ridz is so beautiful tht he can get any 1.... armaan says there is not any prob in me also...goppu says talk beautifully with her...armaan says ok... ridz si waiting for armaan @ armaan-ridz corner n is reading newspaper...armaan cums there ....ridz says u r telling true tht u didnt wrote this? armaan says yes...ridz says u cant do this as u cant get such beautiful thoughts...armaan says did u ahve took decision 2 leave me after reading this?? ridz says yes how did u know?...armaan says i promise from now on i will speak in urdu...ridz says u cant speak in urdu n u cant leave ur yo yo.... ridz ask him am i really pretty? armaan says yes u r beautiful..he kisses@ ridz cheeks ridz gets pager n she leaves.... she takes the newspaper.... armaan says i have 2 find out the author of this poetry!!!

muskaan cums in sanjeevani in salwaar kameez..rahul says u r looking like a girl.... muskaan says thanks 2 him ...she meets armaan ..armaan leaves from there n says i ahve 2 say 2 her dat stop wearing payal.... muskaan becomes upset, armaan goes 2 library n he finds urdu books there....finally he finds 1..... he reads with a lot of difficulty!!!

shubhanklar sees kirti n again thinks her in saree ..he dreams abt her.... shashank cums there..... shashank calls out his name....shubhankar thinks kirti is calling him....shubhankar sees shashank n gets nervous...shashank smiles,, shashank ask wht happened just now u were very ahppy.... shubhankar says i was watching the kids....shubhankar leaves.....

armaan is reading the poetry ..he .... is walking in the corridor.... he is getting difficulty 2 read the poetry all r laughing..... armaan says 1st i have 2 test whether i m saying the right words or not...he reads the poetry infront of muksaan who is all blushing...armaan says how was tht ...armaan leaves.... muskaan says wht happened 2 me? muskaan`s soul says u r in love!!!!... armaan goes 2 locker room he have a page where some poetry is written..ridz is also there he talks with her in urdu..... ridz ask sum meaning ? armaan gets confuses...ridz is smiling.....armaan says sum poetry 2 ridz but he gets confuse in 2nd tense.... ...ridz says u learned for me>? armaan says yes...ridz says u dont have 2 do like this 2 impress me as i m already impressed with u...he gets a call... ridz says u again have ur cell??? he takes the cell n gets aside...rahul meets ridz.... armaan gets 2 know tht rahul is the 1 who wrote this poetry...he sees rahul!!!

Credit: sanober88
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