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Default 24th October Written Update + New Promo!!

24th October Written Update + New Promo!!

kirti gives duty 2 all d interns!armaan comes late n tells my watch got stopped... kirti yells @ him!, kirti gives duty 2 armaan who is staring @ ridz n he is hiding sumthing.... kirti gives duty 2 atul who is busying seeing anjali...dey all leave...ridz tells sapna dat i m going 2 locker room, she leaves armaan follows ridz..he tells i brought laddoo for u..she doesnt eat...armaan forces,so she eats... but whenever armaan sees @ back side..she pukes out d ladoo.... but she doesnt tell armaan....atul comes..he says didnt u brought laddo for me? atul says i m ur frnd also! armaan tells but ridz is more dan frnd, atul eats n makes funny face... ridz gives him hint dat dont tell armaan abt dat..atul says 2 armaan d dats good u think for me as a frnd only!! ridz ask i m more than frnd for u?? armaan tells dont misunderstand me!he tells ridz 2 eat 1 more laddoo when ridz gets pager n she leaves....armaan says i will impress u... arman eats ladoo n pukes out it!!!

ridz goes 2 sumit who tells i have 2 go 2my house as its my sister`s wedding..n my mom have selected 1 girl for me! but i have not said yes, ridz seems upset..sumit says can i go home na?? ridz tells ur reports r fine now but tht doesnt mean dat u can go home...sumit say its only for 2 days!ridz says its up 2 u dat if u waanna go or not...ridz is checking her patient when anjali cumes n tells i wanna talk 2 u..anjali says where is papa?? ridz tells i dont know where he have gone?? armaan says he is very famous n must b busy n leaves..anjali says wht happened 2 armaan n y he is taking side of papa???!

sapna is with shubhankar ..she checks her patient n after dat talks in gujju with shubhankar..again sapna starts dreaming abt shubhankar!!

All r sitting in canteen n waiting for sandwiches 2 cum.. anjali says y d waiter is taking so much time?? atul says u eat apple...anjali says i hate appleS? atul says me 2! anjali says den y r u eating it..atul tells its for sapna! arman comes excited dat india won d match he hugs everybody except ridz...after sum time anjali n sapna gets a pager from kirti so dey leaves.... atul ask anjali dont u want 2 eat sandwiches..anjali leaves...atul yells @ waiter...ridz ask armaan dat u hugged every body na n i m ur frnd also? but u dint hugged me! armaan is going 2 hug her but ridz says i dont want 2 meant dat! arman stares @ ridz meanwhile atul brings sandwiches! ridz eats it but it fells on her clothes so she leaves! armaan tells dat i hugged every1 n u felt bad??? atul ask wht? armaan tells him2 eat sandwiches..atul says my mouth is full with it!!!!

kirti tells atul n armaan abt 1 girl who wants 2 do abortion...armaan ask y?? kirti tells becoz she is not married n is only 19....armaan n atul r shocked 2 hear this, armaan ask dat girl y u want 2 do abortion? d girl tells i was in luv with somebody but he ditched me...n wht face i will show 2 my mother n father! she says i want 2 do abortion! armaan n atul says ok ... all interns r in locker room, when atul say d girl shouldnt do abortion... anjali says wht will she do after his or her birth...all boys r same... ridz says we give birth 2 children but after dere birth dey will not have father n becoz of dat dey cannot survive..atul says but she can give d kid for adoption! ridz says u all guys r same....atul n armaan says wht`s r fault in it..but all girls leaves!!!!!armaan gets a file he reads it n is shocked!!

armaan goes 2 shashank n tells dat patient have lied 2 us she is not 3 months pregnant, she is 5 months pregnant, shashank says we have 2 explain mahuwa..(patient) armaan says she will not understand dis! shashank says our society have grown but dere is not place of dat women who is pregnant without being married! armaan says but we can give d kid for adoption like atul n ridz but he stops in between...shashank says wht?? shashak says so dat night u listened my conversation, armaan says yes i know ridz is not ur daughter..she is sister padma`s daughter! shashank gets shocked!

Precap: ridz is doing work ..armaan is just staring @ her ..he is standing beside her! armaan `s says we will party 2night... ridz is with anjali who tells papa lied 2 us? anjali says papa was in pune? but i saw him here...ridz ask r u sure?? anjali says yes!

New promo!!

in d new promo old scenes were shown where armaan listened whole conversation of shashank ,,after dat ridz n anjali says where is papa?? armaan tells dr shashank must b busy! anjali say armaan is taking side of shashank??? shashank is with padma! when ridz n anjali sees shashanks car?? background voice says wht shashank is hiding will cum infront of ridz???
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