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Default Maayka - 14th jan written update

epi starts with soni playing in the rain and on the beach remembering all her moments with veer...the song bhage re mann kahi plays in the background

TT and mahi bring shabd back home and tayi aks mahi to get water for she is going suhan enters and is surprised to see mahi. she tries to goto shabd but tayi stops her and tells her to get lost. suhan tells them she has already told them about her reln with shbd and need not remind them. tayi tells her that she jumping around so much cuz shabd cant speak to her and tell her to leave bt suhan replies tht she wants shabd to speak and tell everyone what she means to him.she tells them nobody can stop her from goin to HER shabd and they all can leave and go die somewhere else as she doesnt want to diry her hands by throwing them out. she walks towards shabd but mahi stops her and tells her not to take another step towards him. suhan tells her that she(m) has no pride if she back to shabd after running out on him and aks her to give the house keys to her and shabd belongs to her and it must be a shame for mahi that her husband luvs someone else inspite of her presense.

mahi replies that she (m) didn know that suhan laong with being shameless and rude also does not knwo the meaning of being a woman cuz if she did she wud not come here and claim someone elses husband as her own . she adds that the whole world knows what they call a woman who has a reln with a married man. regarding house keys mahi tells her that she shud forget them becasue she is the DIL of this house and as long she is there suhna need not come there. tayi tells suhan to get lost and suhan says that she will leave and tells mahi to take care of her amanat(shabd). as suhan leaves mahi starts crying and tayi consoles her (shabds expressions are scary the whole time)

chery is at the beach and sees jeet walking towards her looking kinda nerd and cute at the same time..he pulls her to dance and then applogises for behaving so badly and ten he tells her that he will love a lot form now and they have fun on the beach...yep shes dreaming and sittting on the beach all alone and crying

chery and soni are sitting together..chery is lost and soni comes to her ans asks what happened and if jeet said somehting to her...chery tells mahi that she has only one question in mind...if jeet does not love her then who does he love???she tells soni that she knows jeet has not forgotten his past and rememerbs the girl alot. she says that he marraige is doomed and there is no hope..soni tells her not to make her decision in such a hurry but chery says that seeing jeets behaviors she sees no hope and she wants to knpw who that girl is so she question her as well

mahi is buyiing groceries when we see a girl running away from some goons. they show her face for a split second bur mahi does not see her and only see the guys chasing her. she aks the shopkeeper as to why the guys after her and she is all alone. the guy tells her not to get into all this and let it go. the girl hides behind a car and the goons try to find her..just then mahi comes and confronts them and te girl manager to escape..the goons leaves and mahi enters her house. she feels somethign and turns around and sees the someone behind the sofa. she tells the person to come out and its the girl..mahi is shocked to see her

precap: veeni and jerry are playing spin the bottle and its sonis turn and jeet decides to ask her a question
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14th, jan, maayka, update, written

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