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Default Saath Phere - 26th March 08 written update

Mar 26 -Wednesday Storyline:

The show starts with Urvashi talking to the nurse that takes care of the baby. The nurse says that she can give the baby to her sister who is also from the "bandheli Kabeli" tribe. She will take good care of the baby there for some extra money. Urv says she wants to move the baby as she can't trust the place anymore since Chirmi was there recently and she can blackmail Urv for more money.

New day at the Singh Mansion:

Tara wants to take Saloni and Nahar to her Maa-sa (as Saloni is Maa=sa's ladli) and asks for Brijesh's permission. Urv and Chirmi are upstairs and Chirmi comments on who the heck does Tara think she is...everyoen around here is acting like they own me, and they dont even ask my permission. (Super funny dialogues!). Urv tries to convince Saloni to go ...and Saloni goes "Alright since your begging I will go...My heart isnt small like yours"

Saloni, Nahar and Tara stop at a Dhaba on their way to Maa-sa's and the Nurse with Tara’s baby is also eating at the same place, they miss seeing each other as the lady sits at the other end.

At the mansion:

Urv tries to think of a way to get rid of Chirmi but Veer comes in and asks about why she looks so worried. She says nothing, then there is a convo about how great Veer’s family is and how they forgive each other and accept even outsiders so easily. She praises the family and how they have accepted Saloni back so fast. Then tells Veer that you should surprise the family by having the papers ready in Saloni's name before they return. Veer agrees and says he'll call the lawyer right away.

Near Tara's Hometown:

The nurse arrives with the baby at her sister’s place and explains her everything about what Urvashi has told her and tells her to take good care of the baby. She says no one should know whose baby it is and why I have come here. You will get lots and lots of money for doing this.

At Maa-sa’s Place:

Saloni shows the Trishool tattoo to Maa-sa. Maasa tells them that there is a servant that works there that has the same tattoo. The nurse’s sister comes in with the baby and Maa-sa asks her whose baby that is. Nurse’s sister (Munni) replies that it is neighbor’s baby and she left it with her when she went to work. Maa-sa tells her to leave the baby there and go get the leader of their tribe. As the nurse’s sister is leaving, Saloni and Nahar notice that she has the same tattoo on the back of her arm. Tara gets amused by the baby and starts playing with him. She asks for sarso ka oil to massage the baby with before Munni comes back. All the other three (maasa, saloni & nahar get moved by watching her massage the baby with oil)

At the Singh Mansion:

Kaveri comes to the mansion to speak with Saloni. Babho tells her that everyone is out of the house. Saloni, Nahar and Tara went to Maasa’s. Kaveri makes an excuse of wanting a saree blouse from Saloni that she really liked and wants to wear for her friend’s party and says that its super urgent that she needs it right now to get it back from the tailor in time. Babho says alright fine, I will help you find it then…Kaveri tries to get rid of Babho but Babho insists on helping her. One of the servants walks in just then and tells her that there are some people here to meet her so she leaves, telling the servant to show Saloni’s room to Kaveri. Kaveri gets rid of the servant by asking for some water and gets to searching Saloni’s room. Finally in saloni’s closet she finds a picture of Chirmi (Saloni) with Chirmi’s hubby and kids. Kaveri says something is definitely up unless Saloni took part in a Folk pageant for photo shot.

Veer tells Brijesh that now that the whole family has forgiven Saloni I have decided that I will write my entire property in Saloni’s name. Urv smiles and woosh woosh on Brijesh’s shocked face!
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